5 Top Sites for Finding Excellent Marketing Images

When you write a great blog post or come up with great website copy, you want to find images that make the piece stand out. Unless you have the time or are a professional photographer, this step can often times be the most frustrating part of a project. Nothing is more frustrating than a mediocre image that detracts from the messaging and turn a great piece into a bore. 

Luckily, there are so many online resources for great images. And for most of these sites, the cost is a simple tagline attributing the image to the site or photographer. In addition, the sites also have user-friendly interfaces to find and download images quickly and easily. Here are five great websites for finding quality images.

FreeDigitalPhotos.net – This site offers the best in clean and polished images of people and professional scenarios. There is no registration required and small images are free. Higher resolution images for print and graphic design are available for purchase. This service is ideal for blogs and websites.

MorgueFile – With gorgeous images taken by highly skilled photographers, this site is a creative person’s dream. Beyond the images is a community, including forums, blogs, online tutorials, and supporting photographers and image seekers alike.  It’s simple to register and easy to find, edit and use images. The MorgueFile Free License Agreement allows you to remix images and use them for commercial purposes without attribution.

Compfight – This site is a bit more savvy as it’s essentially a powerful search engine to quickly find the images you need. Results include Flickr images along with all other stock photo options. With Compfight, be sure to review the search filters and review the terms of use for each photo, as some will be fee-based and others free with attribution (but not for corporate use).

Behold.cc – Another image search engine, but solely for Flickr-housed photos. If you want to be able to modify images, or use them for commercial use, their filters make it easy. Not as pretty or robust as Compfight, but might be a little less intimidating as well.

SXC.hu – Consisting of a huge gallery of photos, this site is a workhorse for stock photos. Offering more than 350,000 images from over 30,000 photographers, you will find nearly any image you need. You can also browse tutorials and forums that will teach everything from how to create effects in photo editing software to great retouching tips.

Be sure to read all of the fine print for any of these sites from whom you are obtaining images.  Make sure you attribute each photo when required, as there is nothing more disappointing to a photographer than finding his image getting widely viewed without his name attached. With these five sites, you will never be at a loss for images again!

Image Source: Creative Commons

6 thoughts on “5 Top Sites for Finding Excellent Marketing Images

  1. I like Compfight very much. Use the link on ImageCodr.org and you get the image in HTLM code, ready to embed in a blog post.

    My guess is that Instagram will develop some service for this area in the future. With the hashtag # you could search for topics and keywords used by Instagram users.

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