• 10 Ways to Make the Most out of Lightspeed OnSite in 2015!

    Don’t wait for January 1st make your list of resolutions for self-improvement. Start making life easier today with these 10 ways you can improve your use of Lightspeed OnSite, and hit the ground running in 2015.

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  • Retail Round-Up: Promising Predictions for Holiday Sales

    Luxury department stores are seeing a slow and steady rise in sales due to record stock market highs and climbing property values. While most Americans struggle with stagnant wages, the top 5% are stocking up on fine jewelry and accessories from stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. (International Business Times)

    Which retail giant CEOs have been quitting the game? Notably, Abercrombie & Fitch’s Mike Jeffries will be leaving the declining company to make place for someone new. 41 retail CEOs have stepped down or retired compared to 30 last year, and American Apparel’s Dov Charney was forced out this summer. (Fortune)

    For a better understanding of this year’s holiday spending, here’s an infographic that explains consumer habits. Looks like Americans, on average, will spend more than last year. Gift cards are a preferred gift, and using mobile in-store is an unsurprisingly popular trend. (ADWEEK)

    Falling gasoline prices are to thank for an increase in U.S retail sales this year. Despite a relatively weak Black Friday, spending on cars rose by 1.7%, along with apparel and electronics. Consumer behavior has also changed, as people are shopping throughout the holiday season as opposed to leaving all shopping to one day. (Huffington Post)

  • What To Consider in a New Restaurant Point Of Sale

    How can a point of sale system change the working life of a chef? A server? A manager? What about your customers? The decision to upgrade a restaurant point of sale to something more advanced than a clunky PC and pencil-and-paper system affects more people than the restaurateur who buys it. When deciding to take the plunge and join the Digital Age by upgrading their POS, restaurateurs should consider the following:

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  • Retail Round-Up: Super Saturday Sales Forecast, and why Ugly Sweaters are Trending

    Having an online store is crucial, even for retailers whose bread-and-butter comes from brick-and-mortar. Online conversion rates for physical stores are typically low, but there are many ways retailers can improve their digital experience. Our own Dax Dasilva shares key advice that retailers can apply today to optimize their online stores. (Retail Online Integration)

    Black Friday sales declined slightly this year compared to the past, but merchants can look forward to a super successful Super Saturday. The Saturday before Christmas is typically a high-performing day for retail, and this year it’s expected to actually surpass Black Friday sales! (Market Watch)

    Window displays from major department stores up the ante every year with their over-the-top, interactive, holiday masterpieces. Most stores don’t have Bergdorf Goodman’s budget for creating an eye-popping storefront, but with the right lighting and color palette, they can attract holiday shoppers effectively. (Entrepreneur)

    December 12 marks the annual National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in the United States, when people are encouraged to wear gaudy, holiday-themed creations without shame. Retailers are capitalizing on this day to offer colorful sweaters and even suits for women and men. Rent the Runway, an online retailer that has recently joined the brick-and-mortar world, just put out a capsule collection of tacky threads to rent for the event. (CNBC)

    Are retail salaries as unacceptably low as they are often portrayed? A recent study suggests that compared to similar industries, full-time retail pay isn’t below the average at all. In many cases, managers earn six figures. (Forbes)

  • 5 Ways to Ensure Holiday Cheer at Your Pop Up

    The pop-up shop concept has become one of the most in-vogue ways to test new markets and products. These time-sensitive events draw interest by creating a sense of urgency — the perfect environment for holiday shoppers. So what makes a super successful holiday season pop-up shop? We spoke to the minds behind Creeds Collective, a socially-conscious pop-up store in the heart of SoHo in New York City. From apparel and accessories to beauty products and homewares, the three-floor store is open for just a few weeks. Here are just some of the reasons their retail model is a hit:

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  • Retail Round-Up: Black Friday Chaos and more on Holiday Trends

    Returns of holiday sales can be a huge problem for retailers. Gifts of clothing for loved ones often don’t fit, and so online apparel retailers are turning to technology to help them avoid serious post-holiday overstock situations. Software that helps online shoppers find the right fit, and systems that track orders with warehouses more carefully are becoming more important to retailers trying to avoid mass returns. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

    Black Friday usually means noisy crowds of shoppers lined up outside of Walmart. This year, noisy crowds assembled outside Walmarts across the U.S for a different reason. Demonstrators protested to demand wages of at least $15 an hour, as many full time workers have to rely on government subsidies to survive. (Aljazeera)

    Malls across America experienced a slightly quieter, more civilized Black Friday this year. It isn’t to say that there weren’t impressive crowds, but by opening on Thursday, and with the popularity of online shopping, some of the traditional chaos was slightly abated. (Huffington Post)

    This year, many luxury retailers experienced a drop in sales. Burberry, Hugo Boss, and Louis Vuitton are all experiencing a tough year. So who’s doing well? Unsurprisingly, it looks like companies with the highest “cool” factor, such as Uniqlo and Free People, are seeing their sales grow. (Fashionista)

    When it comes to independent retailing, uniqueness matters. Many small American retail stores feel the pinch of shrinking budgets and the threat of online giants, but are thriving due to differentiated offerings. Collaborations with local artists, sponsoring fundraisers and private mailings are all ways stores have been winning over loyal shoppers. (The Press Democrat)

  • Three Easy Ways to Reward Your Customers for Shopping on Small Business Saturday

    Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday encourages shoppers to show their local retailers a little bit of love. While independent store owners can’t always offer the same deep discount and door crasher incentives that their big box brethren advertise for Black Friday, here are a few small ways to show customers that you really appreciate their support this Saturday

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  • Introducing Our Latest Partnership to Bring You the Ultimate Wi-Fi Solution

    Imagine running a brick and mortar retail store or restaurant without internet. When you think about everything that uses the Internet, from your point-of-sale to the music you play on site, you realize how a loss of connection could dramatically affect your business.

    Lightspeed is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Aerohive to help ensure that our customers are always connected.  The Connected Store in a Box and Connected Restaurant in a Box solutions are comprised of a Lightspeed POS, Aerohive Network’s BR200-LTE-VZ enterprise-class Wi-Fi router, and selected point-of-sale hardware. The router provides Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in 4G failover router from Verizon, ensuring that even if the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection goes down stores can continue to make transactions and confidently take and authorize credit cards via 4G.

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  • Retail Round-Up: Holiday Predictions and Social Media Stars

    There have been mixed predictions about how holiday sales will look this year, but recent strong sales at Best Buy, Target, and Williams-Sonoma might be foreshadowing a hopeful holiday season for retailers. The reason might be lower gas prices, or more overall optimism compared to last year. (Bloomberg)

    Looks like global warming affects apparel sales, too. Erratic weather in Europe is causing retailers to buy from vendors more often, rather than the usual seasonal buys. They’re also buying garments from manufacturers in countries that can provide shorter lead times, such as Turkey as opposed to China. (Reuters)

    Which retailers are leading the way when it comes to implementing the newest tech? Online jewelry seller Blue Nile has deployed an app that allows shoppers to see what an engagement ring would look like on their own hand. Macy’s, Rebecca Minkoff, Lowe’s, and Sephora have adopted mobile apps, virtual reality rooms and features that bring shopping to a whole new level. (CNBC)

    Patagonia’s marketing strategy should be an inspiration for all. The socially-conscious brand releases short films that convey the story of their brand, and urges people to share their own stories about their Patagonia products. They use inspirational film-making to urge their customers to take action and contribute to environmental preservation. Talk about a strategy with a purpose. (Fast Company)

    Celebrities aren’t the only effective brand ambassadors. Social influencers, or people with a very large social following (who aren’t necessarily Hollywood celebrities), are attracting companies who want them to get their products exposed over social media. These “popular people” on social media are followed by millions, are key tastemakers and a dream for  lifestyle brands looking for organic consumer engagement. (Huffington Post)

  • New to Lightspeed Retail — Customer Facing Display and Multi-Store Pricing

    Today, we’re excited to introduce two new features to Lightspeed Retail: customer facing display and multi-store pricing. Both of these have been among the most popular features requested, and we want to make sure that they work perfectly for every retailer that uses them. That’s why we’re launching them in private beta.

    If you’d like to be among the first to use them, send us an email at feedback@lightspeedpos.com — your feedback is invaluable to making these features perfect.

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