Words That Sell and Motivate Buyers

More than ever in today’s economy, it is critical to understand what motivates people to whip out their wallets and make a purchase. What’s the best way to drive traffic into your retail store or business and keep sales strong?

Let’s go back to Psychology 101 to use a simple strategy that marketers sometimes forget: use keywords and phrases that motivate people’s purchasing habits.

Marketing and sales come down to a simple understanding of human needs and desire. Hence, knowing why people are motivated will help you learn the best techniques for crafting marketing messages to attract customers. Yale research released a study that focused on the most powerful words that motivate sales. Here’s a look at the top 10 words.

You – One of the first words to be used. Why? Because it’s all about the customer!

Results – These are solutions to problems, and problems are something everyone has. Great rationalization for purchases!

Health – Everyone cares about her body. Health grabs one’s attention and justifies purchases.  (You can’t neglect your health.)

Guarantee – Providing a guarantee makes one feel safe with her buying choices.

Discover – People are curious and want to find new things. This word can position your products as something new and exciting, just waiting to be found.

Love – Customers want to love their purchases and you can help them do it. And they want their friends and family to love their purchases too.

Proven – This is a word like “guarantee” – it helps people feel secure with results that are sure not to fail.

Safety –Plays to the key psychological motivator of security. And if a product is safe, it will keep your life secure.

Save – Everyone wants to save something, whether it’s time, money, or trouble.

New – Having the newest item out there helps people feel like they’re above and beyond the crowd. Think: keeping up with the Jonses.

Lets look at a few key motivating factors and how businesses can use the words above to drive sales.

Motivation Based on Financial Security and Constraints

In retail, being motivated by money is often tied to a customer’s desire to save money or get a deal on a product. That is why using phrases like “half off” or “buy one, get one FREE,” will automatically draw people toward your products. Shoppers look for a good price point in order to make – what they believe – is a financially sound decision. Discounts and deals play heavily into that desire.

Motivation Based on Comfort and Convenience

Customers – and people in general – are always looking for comfort, convenience and dependability. Using words like convenience, quick, and dependable automatically bring feelings of ease. A word like guarantee makes one feel safe, as if the store is always looking out for the consumer’s best interest. Think about incorporating these keywords in e-mail blasts, store posters, and Point of Sale displays.

Motivation Based on “Keeping Up with the Joneses”

People want to be seen as trendsetters with the latest and greatest things. That desire to “keep up with the Joneses” is where phrases like new and one-of-a-kind come into play. Make customers feel that what they purchase will put them above and beyond the status quo.

Motivation Based on Solutions and Results

Results are solutions to problems. And problems are something everyone has. Words like results and proven help people feel good that they’re buying a way to solve a problem. Great rationalization for purchases!

As you look to increase sales and create marketing strategies that motivate buyers, always keep the customer in mind. Remember what persuades her to make a purchase. What are the emotions behind the wallet? Once you determine that, your strategies can be better-informed and help you achieve your desired results – sales!

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