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Expert-hosted live online events that will teach you how Lightspeed can help you build a better retail business.

Lightspeed Webinars

Introduction to Lightspeed Retail

Find out how Lightspeed Retail brings the power of POS, inventory management, and retail analytics to any device, so you can sell anywhere.

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Creating Your Retail Identity

Learn how to inspire customer loyalty, ensure repeat sales, and cultivate a community of brand ambassadors who will do your marketing for you — for free.

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Sell Online With
Lightspeed Web Store

You can launch an online store that seamlessly integrates with your point of sale and existing inventory. Join us to find out how.

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Making Money with Mobile Retail

Mobile devices have changed the way we live. Now they can change the way you sell. Delight your customers and increase sales by breaking free from the front counter.

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Introduction to Lightspeed OnSite

Learn how our award-winning suite of retail applications for Mac and iOS can simplify your point of sale, inventory management, and more.

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The Brick & Mortar Survival Guide

In this free one-hour webinar, we'll arm you with knowledge and advice that will help your business prosper in a rapidly evolving retail landscape.

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What Cloud Means to Brick & Mortar

Web-connected or “cloud” technology has become a game-changer for retailers. Learn how you can start using it in your store today.

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Turning Online Browsers Into Buyers

In this free webinar, you’ll learn the 7 most important tips of converting browsers into buyers, all based on leading consumer behaviour research. You’ll sell more, and create a better online shopping experience at the same time.

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Free guides to retail freedom.

Learn how to best manage your inventory, pick the right point of sale for your store, and more.

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