We messed up, but those labels are getting fixed ASAP!

On behalf of the whole team at LightSpeed Cloud, we would like to apologize that the recent label update (My Dog Skip) had a major bug. We realize this caused some pretty significant inconveniences for some of you, and we are truly sorry for this.

Basically, “My Dog Skip” made a mess Friday morning, three days after the release. It was an intermittent issue that was hard to duplicate but we’ve found the source of the problem and have released a fix that is in beta right now. We will release this update tonight and all shall be well in the Clouds tomorrow.

We also realize we should have made more of an effort to communicate this change with you. We learned our lesson.

Thank you for your patience with this…and again, we realize how much of an inconvenience this was for you. Our sincerest apologies. -The team at LightSpeed Cloud

2 thoughts on “We messed up, but those labels are getting fixed ASAP!

  1. Update?

  2. Kerry Tarullo said...

    Hi Danni,

    The update with the fix was released on Monday night, August 5th. We haven’t heard of any issues, things should be working just fine. Let us know if you are having any trouble with your labels.


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