6 Apps to Manage Your Business on the Go

In today’s working world, business moves at the speed of light. This often means business owners are relying more on mobile devices to act as virtual offices and assistants. If you are a smartphone user, you probably have waded into the app market looking for tools to make your life easier. Here are six applications that will allow you to get out of your office but still keep your business fully functional. 

1. Google Drive – The first thing your smartphone should be able to do is connect you with all of your files. Google Drive lets you access anything you have loaded onto the drive, including photos and video. It makes document management easy by allowing you to read, upload and update files all from your device. You can easily share files with your contacts, making late night emergency trips to the office computer obsolete. Best of all, Google Drive is free with a Google account.

2. Adobe Reader – Managing PDFs can be particularly challenging in business because most smart phones can read PDFs, but don’t let you manipulate them. Adobe Reader app enables you to download a document on the go, complete and sign it, then send it back in an instant. For a mere $5, you can stop being shackled to your desk and printer by the simple PDF.

3. Asana – You have access to your files, but how about your staff? Managing people is not an easy task, particularly if you are spending time offsite. Download Asana to your smart phone and you can assign tasks, add due dates, and see progress instantly. The free version lets you collaborate with up to 30 people so you can be connected to your people even as you are out and about.

4. Square – You have your files and your people at the touch of a button, but what about sales? Don’t let mobility take away your ability to make transactions. The Square Card Reader has four simple steps: download the free app, get your free card reader, link your bank account, and start swiping sales. There are no contracts or merchant accounts needed. Square charges a small fee of 2.75% per transaction.

5. Expensify – If you are on the road a lot (like many business owners are), you are collecting mileage and receipts that you will need for tax time. Or you may have employees out on the road that need reimbursement. Expensify is a free app that makes expense tracking easy. It acts as a receipt scanner, mileage tracker, and even purchase tracker by syncing with credit cards and bank accounts. It’s easy to use, and expenses can be selected for individual reports, making it easy to view spending.

6. HootSuite – Stay connected with your customers no matter where you are with HootSuite. This app is not new, but is one of the easiest mobile management tool for controlling Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FourSquare. This powerful tool also includes monitoring and tracking, so you know when you are hitting the mark with your efforts.

Don’t let your computer or laptop tie you down to working in an office. With the abundance of business apps available, it’s easy to be mobile and manage your business at the same time.

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2 thoughts on “6 Apps to Manage Your Business on the Go

  1. Hi Leah,
    We talk an awful lot about using mobile marketing to reach customers. But mobile technology can also be incredibly helpful for making small business owners more flexible and productive. This is a great example of tools that do just that.

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