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Retail management software for toy stores
— some are just like yours.

Easy to setup and use

Toy store employees need quality time to interact with customers and help them make informed purchases. Lightspeed Retail offers easy setup and a quick-to-learn interface, giving your employees that extra time. When you're ready for a sale, customers and employees alike will appreciate a speedy transaction with our point of sale register. This all adds up to a positive experience and a great customer relationship.

Pre-loaded toy vendor catalogs

You won't have to spend precious time on data entry for every item you sell. Lightspeed Retail is different – we have dozens of toy industry catalogs pre-loaded into the point of sale. Use your barcode scanner or enter a vendor number to import items. New vendors and catalogs are regularly added. If we're missing a line you carry, contact our friendly support team and find out how to get them added.

Information that matters

When it's time to purchase inventory, you'll know what you should and shouldn't restock. You'll have the tools to quickly view sales history for items and set re-order points and inventory levels to help you replenish inventory, preserving cash for your faster moving items.

Affordability, accessibility, and security.

Web based point of sale software offers huge advantages over traditional POS systems.

Your data is always secure, with backups made hourly.

We protect your communications with the same technology banks use.

Access your sales and information from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

You get a premium point of sale system that's comparable to those used by the highest paying retailers – at a fraction of the cost.

Fast, affordable
& easy to get started!

Everything is included in a single monthly fee.
Decide how many registers, employees and locations. We'll take it from there. Get your free 14-day trial