Lightspeed Retail is currently available only within the United States and Canada.
If you're not located in either of these countries, we welcome you to try Lightspeed OnSite instead.

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Easy to use point of sale for your golf pro shop

Intuitive and Easy to Learn

We think you'll agree that Lightspeed Retail just makes sense. When you want to perform a task, you're guided to exactly what you need. All the functions in Lightspeed Retail are designed to be simple to perform. Of course, if you ever find yourself in need of help, contact our Olympia, Washington-based support heroes.

We Love Our Customers

Our software gets better all the time. We work very closely with our customers to make sure our software fits their needs and acts as they anticipate. When you call in and make requests or need help, we listen. The first question we ask ourselves after speaking with a customer is "how could we have made that easier for them?"

Pre-loaded catalogs.

Pre-loaded golf vendor catalogs make your life easier. Adding a new item to your inventory is as easy as scanning a UPC or typing a vendor number. That means, no more data entry for every new product you add to the system. And, if we don't have a catalog you use, we'll add it — for free!

Lightspeed Retail is powerful, web based software.

Easy to setup, easy to use

We offer you advantages you won't find with most traditional, installed point of sale software. Forget about making backups, updating your software, viruses, hardware failures, or computer theft. Setup is a snap — no system installation or special networking. We take the difficulty out of running a point of sale system so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Fast, affordable
& easy to get started!

Everything is included in a single monthly fee.
Decide how many registers, employees and locations. We'll take it from there. Get your free 14-day trial