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Over a thousand bicycle retailers
already use our software.

We Know Bike Shops

With more than a thousand bike shops using our software, we've dealt with nearly every bike-shop question in the book. We're always looking at ways to optimize our software to make your business run smoother, more efficiently and more profitably.

200+ Bike-industry catalogs pre-loaded

There are over 700,000 bicycle products. You don’t have time to hand enter all that data and we've already imported catalogs from all the major bicycle-industry vendors. We're constantly updating and adding to our collection of catalogs and we're always happy to add catalogs we don't have already.

Easy Purchase Orders

We have catalogs from all the major bicycle vendors. This makes creating purchase orders extremely easy because you don’t have to type in product descriptions, cost or product details — we've already done the hard part!

As a small business owner,
I work for myself. And Lightspeed
Cloud works for me.

Joe Lawler, Bicycle RootsLightspeed Retail Customer

How our bike shop software will help you succeed

Fast, efficient and complete point of sale

Quickly handle special orders, layaways, work orders, deposits, refunds, store credits, gift cards, credit card transactions and more. All from the point of sale without making the customer wait.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

We keep track of all your customers, their purchase history, special orders, layaways, work order history, credit accounts, gift cards and more! When a customer comes in asking about that special order you’ll be able to give them fast and accurate information.

Work Orders & Service Department

Create a customer work order and track it to completion. Lookup previous work orders for the customer and their individual bikes.

Integrated Vendors

We're tightly integrated with the some of biggest names in the bicycle industry. With integrated vendors, we can send your Purchase order directly to their ordering systems, provide instant stock availability in addition to other powerful ordering features. With non-integrated vendors you can easily print and mail or email your Lightspeed Retail-generated purchase order.

Ease of use

There are many more features in Lightspeed Retail but the most important is ease of use. It won’t take you long to get comfortable with our system and if you do need help we're a live chat, phone call or email away.

Vendor Catalog Sync P.O. Upload Invoice Download Stock Levels Multiple Locations
Action Bicycle n/a
Bicycle Technologies International n/a
Downeast n/a
Electra Bicycles
Giant *
Hans Johnsen n/a
Hawley * n/a
J&B Importers
Seattle Bike Supply
Sinclair Imports n/a

Catalog Sync

We automatically download the vendor’s complete catalog each night and make sure you have the latest items and price information.

Purchase Order (P.O.) Upload

Create a purchase order in Lightspeed Retail and instantly relay it to selected vendors for fulfillment.

Invoice Download

After a vendor has fulfilled an order you can download and import the invoice for easy inventory maintenance.

Stock Levels

Daily in-stock information allows you to check to see if a vendor has an item in stock or back ordered from anywhere.

Multiple Locations

For vendors with multiple warehouses, Lightspeed Retail supports checking stock levels and making purchase orders for each specific vendor warehouse location.

*Giant, Hawley and QBP integrations do real-time stock level checks.

Connecting you to some influential, bike-industry organizations that can bring real value to your business.

The Bike Cooperative

The Bike Cooperative gives independent bicycle retailers access to great resources and Lightspeed Retail makes taking advantage of those resources even easier.

Setting up enrollment and redemption of customer rewards is simple, and all the data you need is automatically sent by Lightspeed Retail to The Bike Cooperative so you can focus on customers, not spreadsheets.


SmartEtailing is a specialized e-commerce solution for bicycle retailers. Lightspeed Retail provides quick and easy inventory management and syncs data with SmartEtailing where consumers can find detailed product information. Lightspeed Retail downloads your SmartEtailing orders, keeping your inventory in sync with your sales in your store and online.

With SmartEtailing's Buy Local Now, you can sell direct and local from vendor to consumer. Lightspeed Retail tracks these sales so you'll always know what's going on.

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