Choosing A Retail Computer System

Your choice in a retail point of sale system is vital to the success and stability of your business. You should have confidence in – and receive performance from – the system that is ultimately responsible for customer transactions, inventory management and every other action in your supply chain and tracking.

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Let's walk through some important questions you should ask yourself when choosing a Retail System:

What Type Of Business Are You?

POS Systems are typically grouped in 2 separate categories: Restaurant/Hospitality and Retail. Restaurants are somewhat of a different breed – the focus of this article is Retail POS Systems.

Within the retail sector, pricing on Point Of Sale Systems can range from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. There are POS systems customized for every type of business under the sun, from Gift Shops and Mall Kiosks to Pet Stores and Bike Shops.

Custom features are great BUT, the most important feature of your retail system is that it's easy to use. What good is a feature if it's too hard to use or buried among so many other features that you can't find it? Business owners are opting for simple, streamlined retail POS systems that focus on fundamentals and deliver them flawlessly. This is why so many entrepreneurs are turning to web based point of sale systems to fulfill their retail computer needs.

What POS Computers & Software Are Best For Me?

Do you prefer Windows? Mac OS X? Perhaps Linux? You can find great POS Systems that are equally powerful on any of these platforms, so choose the platform with which you're already the most comfortable.

In the past, POS systems were typically installed on business computers as software packages, much like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint come packaged on Windows computers. Unfortunately, software based POS Systems present many problems and vulnerabilities that small and medium sized business have found overwhelming.

What about software updates? What if my computer breaks? How do I backup and save all my data? What if the platform needs patches or problems are found in the operating system or software?

These are questions you shouldn't have to deal with as a business owner — after all, why invest in a POS System that creates even more questions and uncertainties? Web based retail systems are solving these problems for many small retailers.