Lightspeed Retail

Insights that help you grow your retail business. A smart point of sale should make you smarter, too. That’s why Lightspeed Retail comes with built-in POS reporting & analytics that doesn’t just tell you what’s selling – it helps you sell more.

There are 40 included reports covering:

  • Sales and Refunds
  • Payments
  • Inventory
  • Item Counts
  • Grouped Assets
  • Accounting
  • Layaways and
  • Special Orders
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • and more.

Here’s some of our favorite reports:

  • Employee Performance
  • End of Day
  • Product Reports
Real-time data

Employee Performance

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team by analyzing each employee’s performance.

  • Items sold and total sales over a period of time, or averaged per hour
  • Total profit and profit per hour
  • View profits earned on specific days, and in which product categories
Real-time data

End of Day

Closing the cash register has never been easier. Simplify your nightly routine by letting Lightspeed Retail’s End of Day report give you a detailed accounting of the day’s taxes, refunds, and sales – overall or by product category.

Real-time data

Product Reports

Gain a deeper understanding of product trends in your store with the various built-in product reports. See product sales by vendor, manufacturer, category, tags, and more.

Free guides to retail freedom.

Learn how to best manage your inventory, pick the right point of sale for your store, and more.

Advanced Reporting

Detailed analysis for serious retailers. Add it to any Lightspeed Retail POS plan.

Real-time data with Dashboard

Whether you want to see just today’s numbers or take a historical look at the past year, Dashboard makes it easy to see sales, profits, and changes over time.

Need to share your numbers? Export Dashboard graphs as PDFs or images, or send straight to your printer.

The Stats panels makes it easy to not only see the performance levels of products and individual stores, but your top-selling categories as well as profit vs. cost.

Real-time data
Real-time data

Great for one store – perfect
for more

Advanced Reporting is built with multi-store businesses in mind.

The Dashboard and Stats panels show comparative data for each location you manage, making it easy to understand the unique traits of each.

Your business in your pocket

Keep an eye on your stores with Lightspeed Mobile Dashboard for iPhone and iPod touch.

This mobile app lets you see an overview of all of your stores, or break it down by viewing individual locations. You can even scan barcodes using the device’s built-in camera to pull up inventory information!

Lightspeed Mobile Dashboard is available to all Advanced Reporting subscribers.


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