Point of sale, inventory management, reporting, and eCommerce. All in one package.

All in one package

Run your business.

Manage inventory, create purchase orders, and generate detailed retail reports.

Sell on any device.

A POS that helps you sell more. Use any computer, or a beautiful, brandable iPad app.

Create an online store.

Sell online with the only eCommerce solution designed just for brick-and-mortar retailers.

And that’s just the beginning.

More than just a cash register.

As a retailer, you do more than process sales. That’s why Lightspeed's POS software for retail helps you manage inventory, run reports, order from suppliers, and handle the day-to-day of running a retail business.


Millions of Pre-Loaded Items

Save time by importing completed item information from top suppliers in multiple industries, like bike, clothing and electronics.

Sort and Search Items

Simplify searches by sorting items into categories such as “shoes”, and tag items for common traits like in-store location, season, material, sale status, or anything else you want!

Matrices of Item Variants

Save time by creating multiple variants of an item — such as size, color, and material — at the same time, and later edit all of those items together.

Combine Items to Sell Together

Assemble individual items and parts to sell as a combined SKU. The cost is calculated automatically, but you set the sell price. Easily disassemble items back into inventory, too.

Break Down Boxes of Items

Manage items that are purchased in bulk, such as a 12-case of soda sold as 6-packs or individually. Lightspeed Retail will suggest sell prices for each item.

Track Serialized Items

Items with unique serial numbers — such as bikes and electronics — can be tagged, tracked, and associated to specific sales.

Efficiently Print Labels

Lightspeed Retail tracks every new item you enter, and lets you print labels for all of them at the same time.


Prepare Purchase Orders

Generate purchase orders from within your POS. Order the same item from multiple vendors. Track unit and shipping costs to calculate your profits and margins.

Track Purchase Orders

Multiple statuses for creation, ordering, checking-in and receiving items keep your inventory data accurate.

Reorder Items before They Sell Out

Never miss a sale due to forgetting to reorder a hot item! Once stock reaches a specified reorder point, Lightspeed Retail will let you easily add it to your next purchase order.

Special Orders

Customer wants to buy something that’s out of stock? Save the sale by placing a special order; it will be added to your next purchase order and be held for your customer.

Centralized Purchasing

Use Master Orders to easily manage PO’s across multiple vendors, and combine PO’s for multiple stores, including transfer requests, special orders and reorder points.


Unit Costs, Profits, and Margins

Get access to more than just raw sales numbers; understand what your inventory is costing you, and which items are most profitable for your store.

Shopping Insights

Multiple reports to analyze sales performance to determine your store’s layout, create an ideal product assortment, and track the effectiveness of in-store promotions.

Employee Performance

Strategically schedule and task your team with a detailed report of their performance, including break-downs by sales, profits and product categories.

Advanced Reporting

A visual snapshot of the most important elements of your store. Real-time stats on top-and-bottom sellers, comparative numbers across multiple locations, and a mobile app that lets you see what’s happening in your store — wherever you are.

End of Day Summary

A detailed accounting of the day’s sales, refunds and applied taxes. Use it keep tabs on trends and overall store performance on a day-to-day basis.


Centralized Inventory

All of your stores share one database, negating the need to re-enter product information, and making it easy to do cross-store item lookups, transfer and purchase for multiple stores, and analyze performance across all locations.

Easily Add New Locations

Building a new store is hard. But adding it to Lightspeed Retail takes just a few clicks.

Portable and Temporary Locations

Want to set up a pop-up shop, or sell your wares at conferences or local markets? Lightspeed Retail’s mobile POS tools make it easy to set up temporary storefronts.

Transfer Between Stores

Out of stock at one location, with plenty at another? Transfer your inventory and keep your customers satisfied.

Make sales from any device. Anywhere.

  • Cloud-based point of sale. You can make sales from any web browser, no matter where you are.

  • Accept almost every type of payment. Cash, credit, debit, check, store credit, and even custom gift cards.

  • Works with the most popular retail hardware. Hook it up to a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and more.

  • Custom
    Gift Cards

  • Discounts and

  • Special Orders
    and Layaways

  • Customer

Free guides to retail freedom.

Learn how to best manage your inventory, pick the right point of sale for your store, and more.

Streamlined sales with iPad POS.

  • Instant product expertise. Look up information and inventory status without leaving your customer’s side.

  • Truly mobile checkout. Swipe your customer’s card and email them their receipt — no wires or paper required.

  • Brand your business. Upload your logo and background for a fully-branded checkout experience.

Seamlessly sell online.

Lightspeed Web Store is the only eCommerce platform designed specifically for the
needs of brick and mortar retailers.

  • Synced Inventory

    Your store’s inventory is synced with your online store. You won’t have to re-enter product information, and your stock levels update automatically regardless of where the product is sold.

  • One View for All Stores

    Get a 360 degree view of your sales, inventory and customers, and easily compare sales trends across all of your stores, be they physical or online.

  • Customize Your Look

    Easy-to-use theming tools enable you to create an online presence that matches your in-store vision.

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As a small business owner, I work for myself. LightSpeed Cloud works for me.

Joe Lawler, Bicycle Roots
Portland, OR

LightSpeed Cloud for iPad is a great addition to our branded experience.

Dakota DiSanto, DASH
Los Angeles, CA

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Free guides to retail freedom.

Learn how to best manage your inventory, pick the right point of sale for your store, and more.