Cloud-Powered Point of Sale

The literal definition of cloud, or "cloud computing" is the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service (wikipedia).

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Safe, secure and worry free

In more human-scale terms, cloud computing offers the power of massively reliable server infrastructure at small fraction of the cost of actually owning and maintaining that infrastructure.

Heroic Customer Service — Included!

You get all the power of a enterprise-grade data center and IT staff for a tiny fraction of what enterprises spend to have the same power.

Multiple layers of redundancy

Lightspeed Retail uses infrastructure hosted by best-of-breed cloud computing providers and we've layered our infrastructure so even a major outage at one of our providers won't affect our customers.

Go cloud based and fly high...

  • Easy Setup

    To get started with your point of sale you simply need to sign-up for an account, answer a few quick questions and start ringing up sales.

  • No Specialized Hardware or Software

    Lightspeed Retail works on all the major platforms (Windows, Mac or Linux) with an up-to-date browser (Firefox or Chrome are recommended).

  • Easy to use

    The most compelling argument for a cloud-based point of sale system is the simplicity that comes with it. The time you spend with our browser-hosted system will be drastically reduced compared to time spent on a traditional point of sale system.

  • No Backups

    We have layers and layers of backups — redundant hardware, redundant servers, redundant data centers, hourly backups and multiple nightly off-site backups.

  • Updates Instantly

    No more upgrade fees or messing with what version goes where. We take care of all the updates. You just log in and enjoy the latest release of Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.

  • Take it with you

    Got Internet? Then you have your point of sale wherever you are. Check in on your shop in a snap.

What if our Internet connection goes down?

Lightspeed Retail partners with Aerohive Networks to provide customers with an Always-On solution (available in the US only). If your Internet connection goes down, an alternate wireless (4G/LTE) Internet connection is instantly deployed to ensure continuity of your network services. Alternatively, you can use a mobile hotspot from your preferred wireless carrier or tether the Internet connection from your smartphone.

Have questions? Get in touch to learn about all the different ways we make sure you're always ready for business!