A tour of Lightspeed Retail POS

Lightspeed Retail POS Systems are built with the features retailers need most.

Lightspeed Retail is a complete point of sale system that runs on your iPad and in your web browser. We've worked with our customers to create a system that most retailers can learn in minutes. If you do need help, our support team is a click or a call away.

Lightspeed Retail Features

Lightspeed Retail is built with the features retailers need most.

We've been building point of sale and retail management tools for a decade. We learned how incredibly complex retail can be — then we learned how to make it easy. Check out our exhaustive list of features. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, contact us, ask questions and find out if we're a good fit for you.

Quick Shots
Screenshot of register in Lightspeed Retail
Easy to use on iPad or desktop. Quickly search for items using a barcode scanner or type in a description. Track customers, deposits, layaways, special orders and more.
Screenshot of inventory control in Lightspeed Retail
Inventory control makes the difference between profit and loss. We help you optimize your inventory to save money and increase sales.

Core Values

  • We love and appreciate our customers!
  • Easy to use
  • Continuously improved Unlike traditional POS software, Lightspeed Retail is continually improving. Without the need to buy or install upgrades you’ll always be running on cutting edge technology.
  • Heroic support unlimited phone and email support, emergency support after hours
  • Cloud based
  • Cross platform Windows, Mac or Linux we do it all
  • Always on / available anywhere
  • No backups, no worries about data loss Redundant data centers, concurrent backups and more.
  • Free, instant updates
  • No setup, no installation to get started Supported label and receipt printers may require installation of printer-specific drivers but our awesome support team is happy to help you get your printers up and running, FREE!

Customer Relationship Management

  • Powerful search Locate by name, email, phone, sales history and more
  • Contact information
  • Notes
  • History
    • Purchases
    • Workorder
    • Layaways
    • Special orders
  • Serialized items linked to customer records
  • Credit accounts Complete history and statements
  • Custom groups / types
  • Mailing labels
  • Mailchimp integration for easy email campaigns
  • Email receipts


  • Quickbooks accounting
  • Shopify ecommerce platform
  • Perkville customer rewards, referrals and social networking management
  • Mailchimp email marketing campaigns
  • Public API build you own custom integration or utility using the Lightspeed Retail' RESTful API which supports XML and JSON


  • Export report data Microsoft Excel and other CSV compatible software
  • Profit, loss, taxes and more
  • Charts by category, time or work order
  • Inventory Reports
    • Current Assets
    • History
    • Vendor
  • Grouped Sales Reports
    • Day
    • Hour
    • Item
    • Price Rule/Discount
    • Category/Department
    • Employee
    • Vendor/Manufacturer
  • Sale and Payment Balances

Register / Point of Sale

  • Multiple Registers
  • Barcode scanner support Match against UPC or internal ID
  • Touch-screen support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Customizable menus
  • Customizable payment types
  • Integrated credit card processing
    • Plug-n’-play Plug-in the USB swiper and start accepting credit cards!
    • Multiple processors Merchant Warehouse and Element Payment Services
    • No manual reconciliation No need to manually batch out transactions at the end of the day. Customers with integrated credit card processing have batching handled automatically each day.
    • Encrypted credit card swipers Credit card data is always handled in the most secure manner possible to help you achieve PCI compliance and we’ve managed to design the Lightspeed Retail system to be completely outside of PCI scope
  • Gift cards
  • Refunds Scan receipt barcode to quickly retrieve transaction, refund any part of a sale or the entire sale
  • Quotes
  • Layaways
  • Special orders
  • Deposits
  • Credits
  • Workorder checkout
  • Discounts Automatic discounts for customers and customer groups
  • Taxes
    • Unlimited tax classes / levels
    • Associate specific tax classes with customer or groups of customers
  • Fast editing and item look-up
  • Customer sales tracking
  • Customizable receipts Logo, fonts, and a variety of other options via flexible templates
  • Customer balance statements

Employee Accountability

  • Time clock Employees clock-in / out
  • Transaction log Who, what and where of every transaction
  • Employee Log
    • Inventory changes and updates
    • Sales
    • Work orders / service
  • Customizable roles
  • External Logins Allow employees to login remotely


  • 128 bit SSL encryption
  • Multiple firewalls
  • Hardened operating systems
  • Intrusion monitoring and detection
  • Several layers of redundancy
  • High-security data centers
  • 24/7 security staff, strictly enforced security procedures
  • Colocation exterior radius structure meets Level III / explosion resistance security standards
  • Visitors are escorted by authorized personnel at all times
  • 24 hour internal and external video surveillance, 60 day minimum retention policy


  • Inventory management
  • Inventory counts
  • Quick and easy item creation and management
  • Item descriptions
  • Categories User defined, subcategories as well
  • Tags Create your own user-defined taxonomy to find and group your items
  • Advanced Item Types
    • Boxes of items Sell items which may be broken down into smaller units
    • Bulk items
    • Matrices Multiple sizes, colors or other configurable attributes
    • Serialized items Track serial numbers easily
    • Assemblies Combine multiple items into single item
    • Serialized Assemblies Combined multiple items including a serialized item into single item
  • Employee inventory activity tracking
  • Inventory history Track if an item was received manually, on purchase order or sale
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Transfer items between stores Multi-shop only
  • Label generation and printing
  • 100s of pre-loaded catalogs From vendors and manufacturers across a variety of industries
  • 1-step item addition from catalogs
  • FREE catalog imports
  • Purchase orders Create and track purchase orders from vendors
  • Desired inventory levels
  • Reorder points Ease purchase order creation
  • Advanced purchase ordering integration Limited to select list of supported vendors


  • Search-across all store's inventories
  • Unified billing stores are all stored within a single account
  • Flexible permissions delegate employee access
  • Credit card processing shared or per-shop
  • Add additional locations easily


  • Work order creation and tracking
  • Estimates
  • Special orders
  • Customer tracking
  • Maintenance history by item and customer
  • Assign employees to each item/charge
  • Warranty shortcuts Easily zero the price of labor or items for warranty work
  • Service history
    • Description
    • Color
    • Size
    • Serial #

Hardware and Supplies

  • Hardware support for supported brand/models
  • Complete point of sale setups Computer, accessories and annual service plan
  • Buy from us or bring your own
    • Receipt printer
    • Label printer
    • Barcode scanner
    • Pre-printed gift cards
    • Receipt paper
    • Labels 2.25”x1.25” or 1.25”x1”
  • Annual service plans