Inexpensive Point of Sale

Effective point of sale software is an integral component of every retail business.


You deserve POS software that includes lots of features, stellar customer support, and 99.99% uptime.


Nobody wants a system that breaks during peak retail seasons, especially if customer support means waiting on hold while listening to bad music, only to be eventually connected to someone who doesn't understand the software!


There are a few things you can do to avoid this kind of nightmare...

Use Cloud Based Point of Sale Software

Software that's hosted online ("the cloud") is cheaper, harder to break, quicker to fix, and easier to improve than software you install on a local computer. Now that essentially all businesses have steady access to the internet, it's easy to use online applications for integral services like point of sale.

Seek Great Benefits

A huge benefit to cloud based POS software is that it doesn't require on-site maintenance and upgrades happen automatically. This makes it easy for developers, like Lightspeed Retail, to create the best point of sale software and immediately respond to the needs of their clients.

But Wait – There's More

It also protects you against most data loss, which means your inventory is safe even if your computer implodes. This simple feature can save you an incredible amount of time, frustration, and money. It means you won't have to manually replace all of your retail inventory information.


Choose an Innovative POS Software Solution

Transitioning between POS systems takes a lot of work, so choose a point of sale software company that will still be cutting-edge in 5 years. An aptitude for innovation is important with technology evolving so rapidly. Choosing a cloud based POS system is a good start because it allows for rapid innovation, and you'll want to assess whether that specific company is investing appropriate energy into research and development.

Important indications of a forward-thinking company are: creative work environment, emphasis on hiring brilliant employees, frank conversations about the development process, and articles about R&D projects. Innovators are easy to spot when you compare them next to corporate machines, just do a little homework — it's worth the extra time because it will save you from making a difficult transition later.

Take Stock

Find the Right Inventory Tracking Software

Nothing makes or breaks point of sale software systems like the inventory tracking component. Being able to quickly and accurately monitor your inventory will save you from migraines and make troubleshooting inventory problems easier. There's no universal standard for what makes good inventory software because different businesses have very different needs, but you should generally give preference to inventory software that's easy to navigate, displays information clearly, is easy to update, and supports the right reporting functions for your business.

Try a few different systems out before making a commitment. Some people prefer complicated systems and other people have simpler needs. Find the right balance for your business and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions before making a purchase.

Be Smart

Get a Secure Point of Sale System

Hackers and cyber criminals exist. It's unlikely that your business will ever be hit by hackers. Still, you should seek secure software that minimizes risk and protects your information. Ask questions if in doubt and make sure your data is properly encrypted.

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