TSP600: Windows XP

  1. Unpack your receipt printer from its box and connect the power supply (in separate box) to the printer and plug it into the wall. Also connect a USB cable into the printer and an available USB port on your computer.
  2. Download the Star Micronics TSP600 printer driver. Put the drivers on your desktop. If you are using the LightSpeed Retail recommended browser Firefox the file will be saved to your desktop by default.
  3. Go to your desktop and Double click on the file downloaded from above and press OK on the first prompt. Then press Extract files for installation via Windows Add Printer Wizard. Press No on the next prompt about installing a status monitor then press OK.
    Screenshot of Print Driver Icon.gif

    Double click on this icon found on your desktop to extract the printer driver for installation

    Screenshot of Star Extract.gif

    Extract the drivers for installation via the Windows Add Printer Wizard

  4. With the computer turned on, turn on the printer. The found new hardware wizard will appear. Select No, not this time then press Next.
    Screenshot of TSP600 Found New Hardware.gif

    The found new hardware wizard will appear when you power on the printer

  5. Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) and then click Next.
    Screenshot of TSP600 Advanced.gif

    The found new hardware wizard will appear when you power on the printer

  6. Select Search for the best drivers in these locations and make sure only Include this location in the search: is checked. Then press the browse button and browse to your desktop and open the Star folder and highlight the StarRas folder and press OK. Your file path should look similar to the image below. Press Next
    Screenshot of Select Driver.gif

    Your wizard should look similar to this before pressing Next.

  7. Select the driver which says Star TSP643 Raster Printer then press Next.
    Screenshot of Select Driver List.gif

    Select Star TSP643 Raster Printer

  8. Press OK when prompted about the driver not being digitally signed and press Finish when the wizard is complete.
  9. Go to the Windows start menu and open up the control panel and go to the printer and faxes section. Right click on the Star TSP643 Raster Printer and select Properties.
  10. Select the Advanced tab at the top of the properties menu then select Printing Defaults. Press the Advanced... button in the lower right of the window that pops up.
    Screenshot of Print Settings Defaults.gif

    Press Printing Defaults

    Screenshot of Print Settings Defaults Advanced.gif

    Press Advanced

  11. Find the Paper Size: setting in the window that pops up. Use the drop down to set the paper size to 72mm * Receipt
    Screenshot of Print Settings Paper Size.gif

    Set the paper size to 72mm * Receipt

  12. Press OK then press OK again on the next window to return you to the original print properties window.
  13. Select the Raster Print Options tab. Set the cut action drop down to Partial Cut / Partial Cut. Also in the Cash Drawer section set the drop down for drawer one to Document Top. All other settings should remain at their default as displayed in the image below.
    Screenshot of Print Raster Options.gif

    Set the cut action drop down to Partial Cut / Partial Cut and the drawer one drop down to Document Top

  14. Select the Device Settings tab. Set the only drop down on this tab to Full Width 72mm * Receipt.
    Screenshot of Print Device Settings Tab.gif

    Set the drop down to Full Width 72mm * Receipt

  15. Go to the Firefox section to complete printer setup.

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