Zebra LP2824

My label printer only prints blank labels

First, make sure you are using thermal labels. Plain-paper labels will not work with the Zebra LP2824.
Second, check your Firefox configuration. This is a common culprit of blank labels:

My label printer is having trouble feeding labels and is not printing labels correctly

Sometimes a red light flashes.

Open the label printer and check that the roll of labels spins freely. There should be no resistance on the spinning of the roll at all. If there is resistance you can adjust the roll holders outward. Remove the roll of labels, spread the spring loaded roll holders out almost all the way, and flick the green button below where the roll of labels is placed down. This will hold the roll holders in their position and reduce resistance on the spinning of the labels. Replace the labels and try printing again. You may have to adjust the roll holders inward slightly if the roll falls through the holders.

Zebra LP 2824

In very rare cases a Zebra label printer may need to be reset to factory default settings due to corrupted firmware. It is highly recommended you consult Lightspeed Retail support before attempting a firmware reset since in most cases the firmware is not the problem meaning a reset will not help. There is the potential you could ruin your printer if you are not careful with these commands. This can only be done with a Zebra printer on a Windows machine.

  1. Open the control panel then select Printers
  2. Enter the properties for the Zebra printer.
  3. Select the Printer tab.
  4. Press the little plus sign next to Advanced
  5. Click once on Tools... then press the Tools... button.
  6. In the field labeled Direct Command For Printer enter "^default" then press Send. The ^ character is entered by pressing shift+6 at the same time. This re-flashes the printer to default settings.
  7. Next enter "xa" in the command dialog then press Send. This recalibrates the printer.
  8. Most users will be using our large labels. Enter "Q152,028" then press Send to tell the printer the label's height and gap (for 2.25" x 1.25" labels). If your labels do not match this size, you can try skipping this step or contacting Zebra support to determine the command you would need.
  9. Finally enter "U" and press Send. This will print a configuration label.

Zebra LP 2824 Plus

If your Zebra LP 2824 Plus is feeding out additional labels and you've checked our Firefox section, the label printer may need to be calibrated.

If you press the feed button and 3 labels come out that is a sign it needs to be reset.

You can re-calibrate it by:

  1. Holding down the feed button until it starts flashing and continue holding it.
  2. The light will flash in a series of progressive flashes.
  3. Wait for the group of 2 flashes.
  4. Release the button.
  5. It will push out some blank labels.
  6. Once its completely finished press the feed button again. One label should be fed indicating the calibration was successful.
  7. Try printing again.

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