Try the Lightspeed Retail Live Demo

Try out our
fully-functional live demo.

Ready for a test drive?

We have made an account pre-loaded with sample data that you may log in and play around with.
Below is a list of things you may want to try.

Ring up a sale

The most basic and important feature of Lightspeed Retail is our register. This video demonstrates making a sale.

Add an item to inventory

You can make new items a few different ways in Lightspeed Retail. The quickest is to use our Quick Add Inventory option found in the inventory menu which is also able to take advantage of industry catalogs. You can also quickly create color size arrays of items using our matrix feature.

Use the catalogs

We have catalogs for several industries. This video shows you how to take advantage of catalogs to save you time with data entry.

Create Reports

Reports can be quickly generated, filtered, and sorted. Select the reports menu button in the live demo then select a report. All reports are exportable in CSV for excel format. These files can be opened in Excel or your favorite text editor.

Create a Customer

Customer's purchase history can be tracked along with their contact information. Customers can be quickly created right from the register during a sale by using the new customer button or from the Customers menu.