Release Notes

January 07, 2015

Lightspeed Retail Update: Redshift

New Features:

  • Updated fonts, improved density and readability. Reports are now more condensed for improved legibility
  • Advanced Reporting for Retail synching and performance improvements – Available in Private Beta

Bug Fixes/ Enhancements:

  • Notices no longer obscure navigation bar
  • Refunds & Voids now properly working on Mercury gateway
  • 100% Discounts on a Price Rule are now applicable to a sale or item
  • Fixed an issue where adding an item to a PO added the re-order amount, rather than adding 1 more to inventory
  • Taxable flags in pricing fields are now checked by default
  • Items with same description in Purchase Orders now print the accurate number of labels
  • Improvement to printing labels from Purchase Orders

December 02, 2014

Lightspeed Retail Update: Quasar

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Modified the autocomplete functionality for items on layaway and special order. When an item on layaway or special order is added to a sale, the user is now asked whether or not to complete the layaway or special order.
  • Fixed the “Transaction Not Found” issue when opening an order from the Shipping screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Giant integration not allowing blank suffixes for multi-shop accounts.

November 20, 2014

Lightspeed Retail Web Store 3.2.1


  • Added support for residential or business addresses in Brooklyn 2014
Bug Fixes
  • Brooklyn 2014 Checkout
    • Discount line is now correctly displayed on the Thank You page
    • Customers can now create an account from the Thank You page regardless of payment method
    • Payment details now display the appropriate address information when using In-store Pickup with PayPal
    • Shipping Estimator now updates when editing line item quantities on the Confirmation Page
    • Editing an address immediately after adding it during checkout no longer generates an error
    • Improved validation for credit card expiry date
    • Switching shipping option to In-store pickup during checkout no longer causes an error
    • Multiple responsive design improvements for mobile devices
  • Store owner and customer will now receive an order confirmation email even if the customer does not return to the webstore after the PayPal transaction is complete

November 20, 2014

Lightspeed OnSite 2015.1.2


  • Rebranded application.
  • Fixed an issue where gift-card payments would sometimes be removed from partially paid invoices.
  • Fixed a stability issue when clicking the “View Matrix” button in a Product Card for an imported matrix product.

Sale Events

  • Fixed an issue where the Save button was inactive when updating a Sale Event.


  • Clicking the All button for customers and/or products on a sales document window will no longer cause a timeout issue on large databases.
  • Modifying product quantities on sales documents (invoices, quotes, orders) no longer causes the document window to freeze.

Mac OS X Yosemite

  • Fixed an issue with text fields not displaying properly in Lightspeed OnSite on Mac OS X Yosemite.

November 18, 2014

Lightspeed Retail Update: Photon

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • Fixed issues with the PIN lock screen taking too long to log in
  • Fixed issue with login being slow
  • Improvements to Register and Work Order on small screens
  • Fixed issue with birthday only going back to 1999 in Work Orders
  • Added a confirm so users cannot accidentally delete Work Orders line items
  • Added fix to prevent mouse-scroll from incrementing number fields
  • Removed Price column from gift receipts
  • Fixed incorrect error message when selling out of stock items
  • Fixed issue where adding existing items to a Matrix changed the matrix cost to 0
  • Fixed issue where no item history was created when a box of items is broken down
  • Added ‘Unnamed Record” to items and customers that have no names to make it easier to select in listing
  • Fixed issue where clicking Backspace clears out the sale on the Register
  • Fixed issue where vendors were being imported twice during onboarding

November 12, 2014

Lightspeed Retail Web Store 3.2

Newly optimized Cart & Checkout functionality within the newest Web Store theme, “Brooklyn 2014”. Our benchmark cart and checkout process has been designed to increase conversion rates and decreases cart abandonment:
  • Dynamic price calculation and multiple promotional-code entry points, keeps your customers informed of costs and savings throughout the entire checkout process;
  • Using the customer’s address or ZIP code, Web Store automatically calculates taxes, shipping options and costs, delivery estimates, and total costs, thus avoiding last minute “cart shock”;
  • With a persistently visible and accessible shopping cart, your customers can easily add or remove products for purchases, compare prices, and budget for specific discounts;
  • A quick and optional registration process ensures that your customers can take action and complete their purchase, without feeling overwhelmed.

Bug Fixes

  • Moneris integration:
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing error messages from being displayed when a transaction failed using Moneris.
    • Fixed a bug whereby payments of $1000 or above was rejected when using Moneris.
  • General: Fixed a bug where product images were uploaded using an unsecured scheme when the ‘EnableSSL’ option was enabled. This resulted in a browser warning about content that was not secure.
  • Promo code: Fixed a bug whereby a dollar-amount promo code discount was applied to multiple items in the cart, which resulted in an increased discount than the configured dollar-amount discount.
  • Security: The customer address information edit page now uses a secure connection.
  • Checkout: Fixed a bug on the checkout page whereby the error message was not clear when a new password provided by a shopper for a new account did not meet the minimum length requirement.

November 10, 2014

Cloud Update: Orbit



  • Archived Items in listings are grayed out
  • Employee Time Clocks follow updated color scheme
  • Updates to Sales Receipt templates to use less space
  • Purchase Orders now contain color coding for line information within the purchase order
  • Items on Purchase Orders with a Retail Price of $0.00 will be highlighted
  • User will be prompted before deleting a Special Order
  • Work Order Due Dates are color coded
  • Updated Reporting Printouts
  • Added the ability to search by ‘Excludes Tags’
  • Custom SKU now available on Transfer exports
  • Improvements to Work Order print templates

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue in previous release when printing labels from Purchase Orders. Users can now choose to print all labels, or print only received items.
  • Setting the Ordered date of a Purchase Order far back now appears on the PO listing
  • Singles now convert properly to boxes on the sales screen
  • Fixed issue no being able to complete refund on Credit Account/Gift Card
  • Fixed alignment issue with Purchase Order Statuses overlapping
  • Customers are now removed from the ‘Customers to contact list’ in Special Orders when the Special Order is complete
  • Fixes to Breadcrumb navigation
  • Fixed issue where adjusting Cost on Misc. and Labor charges did not work

November 04, 2014

Lightspeed OnSite 2015.1.1


Tax-Inclusive Pricing

  • Tax-inclusive line item selling prices are now displayed correctly
  • Editing a tax-inclusive line item sell price no longer displays an incorrect selling price
  • Tax-inclusive pricing level no longer displayed incorrectly when line item is part of a Sale Event
  • Tax-inclusive calculations now correctly select the default tax code
  • Product tax status now handled correctly

Yosemite UI Fixes

  • Global Search popover location corrected
  • Drop-down selectors are now shaded correctly
  • Windows can now be minimized as usual
  • Fixed some StoreMaster source list items displayed as white text
  • Fixed an incorrect drop shadow for some labels
  • Sale Offers no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite
  • ReportMaster categories no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite

Sales Events

  • Loading of products in “Add Product to Sale Offer” fixed for users with large databases
  • Resolved a case where discount could display “NaN” after removing customer
  • Sale Offers with 100% discount are now correctly calculated


  • Inventoried items ordered from a backorder invoice no longer display “Non Inventoried”
  • “Show Keyboard Shortcuts” no longer causes a crash in POS mode
  • Fixed intermittent crashing when dragging a photo from the web into Lightspeed

October 22, 2014

Cloud Update: Neutron



  • LightSpeed Cloud has a new name: Lightspeed Retail! Check out our updated website and exciting news at
  • MerchantOS UI Customers: As of this release you will not be able to switch back to the MerchantOS UI. If you have any questions please contact support.


Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Users can print labels from Item Search view
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot print Special Orders from Purchase Orders
  • Fixed issue to allow searching Purchase Orders by Ordered and Received date
  • The ‘All Shops’ filter does not change when navigating Items
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot search Work Order listings by a date range
  • Updated print templates for Special Orders including employee name and headers for checked special orders
  • Updates to print styling for listings
  • Fixed issue with Purchase Order labels only printing received items
  • Fixed issue with tax calculations and discounts printing on receipts
  • The “All Employees” filter now works in Print Labels queue
  • Added horizontal scroll bar when necessary to view content off the page
  • Fixed issue viewing Work Orders from Customer page
  • Fixed issue with Totals off in Assets Reports
  • SmartEtailing performance improvements
  • Shopify integration improvements

October 20, 2014

LightSpeed OnSite 2015

Sales Events

Sales Events gives you more control over which discounts are offered, and when!

  • Plan your holiday sales and back-to-school sales ahead of time.
  • Make sure your salespeople are applying only the right discounts.
  • Rest easy knowing sale pricing will expire automatically when the sale is over.
  • Print labels for your sale items to let your shoppers know the best deals.
  • Use ReportMaster to track the performance of your Sales Events. How successful was your back-to-school sale?
  • Pricing for Sales Events works from iPad and Mobile
  • Sales Events are API-ready for LightSpeed API developers.

Drag-and-Drop is Back!

You asked for it and we listened. We brought back the ability to drag and drop products into sales documents and POs, or to print product labels.


Improved Multi-Store Passwords

Communication between your stores is now maintained securely even when Multi-Store passwords are changed.


Purchase Order API

Lightspeed API developers can now create powerful purchasing integrations. We’ve added the ability to create, update and receive purchase orders via the API.


Advanced Reporting Uploader

Your sales data can now be uploaded directly to Advanced Reporting without you having to set up a specialized network configuration. Advanced Reporting users will be able to take advantage of the uploader in the coming weeks as we roll out new infrastructure.


Bug Fixes

  • Entering Web Short Descriptions longer than 4096 no longer causes a crash
  • PO line items now display properly in the StoreMaster preview pane
  • Missing quantity discount pricing no longer results in a sell of 0.00
  • Multi-Store replication now correctly updates cost, supplier, class, and family
  • Multi-Store gift card redeem no longer crashes when the local store has no gift card product


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