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October 22, 2014

Cloud Update: Neutron



  • LightSpeed Cloud has a new name: Lightspeed Retail! Check out our updated website and exciting news at
  • MerchantOS UI Customers: As of this release you will not be able to switch back to the MerchantOS UI. If you have any questions please contact support.


Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Users can print labels from Item Search view
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot print Special Orders from Purchase Orders
  • Fixed issue to allow searching Purchase Orders by Ordered and Received date
  • The ‘All Shops’ filter does not change when navigating Items
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot search Work Order listings by a date range
  • Updated print templates for Special Orders including employee name and headers for checked special orders
  • Updates to print styling for listings
  • Fixed issue with Purchase Order labels only printing received items
  • Fixed issue with tax calculations and discounts printing on receipts
  • The “All Employees” filter now works in Print Labels queue
  • Added horizontal scroll bar when necessary to view content off the page
  • Fixed issue viewing Work Orders from Customer page
  • Fixed issue with Totals off in Assets Reports
  • SmartEtailing performance improvements
  • Shopify integration improvements

October 20, 2014

LightSpeed OnSite 2015

Sales Events

Sales Events gives you more control over which discounts are offered, and when!

  • Plan your holiday sales and back-to-school sales ahead of time.
  • Make sure your salespeople are applying only the right discounts.
  • Rest easy knowing sale pricing will expire automatically when the sale is over.
  • Print labels for your sale items to let your shoppers know the best deals.
  • Use ReportMaster to track the performance of your Sales Events. How successful was your back-to-school sale?
  • Pricing for Sales Events works from iPad and Mobile
  • Sales Events are API-ready for LightSpeed API developers.

Drag-and-Drop is Back!

You asked for it and we listened. We brought back the ability to drag and drop products into sales documents and POs, or to print product labels.


Improved Multi-Store Passwords

Communication between your stores is now maintained securely even when Multi-Store passwords are changed.


Purchase Order API

Lightspeed API developers can now create powerful purchasing integrations. We’ve added the ability to create, update and receive purchase orders via the API.


Advanced Reporting Uploader

Your sales data can now be uploaded directly to Advanced Reporting without you having to set up a specialized network configuration. Advanced Reporting users will be able to take advantage of the uploader in the coming weeks as we roll out new infrastructure.


Bug Fixes

  • Entering Web Short Descriptions longer than 4096 no longer causes a crash
  • PO line items now display properly in the StoreMaster preview pane
  • Missing quantity discount pricing no longer results in a sell of 0.00
  • Multi-Store replication now correctly updates cost, supplier, class, and family
  • Multi-Store gift card redeem no longer crashes when the local store has no gift card product

October 13, 2014

Cloud Update: Meteor



  • Purchase Order Navigation Improvements
  • Calendar Date and Time Improvements
  • Added Breadcrumbs to Reporting
  • New Status Colors for Work Order Schedule

Bug Fixes

  • Auto-Receive from Purchase Order works as expected
  • Adding catalog items to a PO navigates to the current PO
  • Adding a single item to PO navigates back to the current PO
  • Add to PO button is no longer missing after importing from Catalogs
  • Date range is consistent when navigating through PO pages
  • Printing a PO shows Date Ordered & Date Expected/Received
  • Scrolling through pages of reports will remember filter set to ‘All Shops’
  • Time clock displays in 12H format instead of military time
  • Work Order due date opens to this month and not 30 days ahead
  • Work Order due date is not set automatically
  • Work Orders default to current employee rather than first employee
  • Work Order schedule no longer ignores end date
  • Work Order Tags and Quotes now show the quantity for Misc. charges
  • Sorting does not cause search filters to reset
  • Paging through employee hours keeps search filters
  • Date range input values no longer cut-off
  • Timeclock report sets clock out date when clock in is changed
  • Date Custom Field – On Save time field reverts to 17:00:00
  • Fixed spacing in Special Orders listing
  • Sub Category listings now shows missing image
  • Proper tabs shown after save
  • Fixed Alt+A conflicting shortcuts on customer screen
  • Users without inventory access cannot edit item price via Special Order screen
  • Items on archived transfers no longer impact auto-add all functionality
  • Transfers no longer incorrectly display Special Order statuses as ‘Not Ordered’
  • Page is scrolled to top when navigating between tabs
  • Fixed sign-up with Google SSO

September 18, 2014

Web Store 3.1.12



  • Google Merchant Integration has been updated to include “availability” attribute
  • Updated USPS shipping integration to support the latest USPS specification (v4)

Bug Fixes

  • An issue that could sometimes cause orders to get stuck at the “Awaiting Processing” status has been resolved
  • Various other back-end bug fixes

September 17, 2014

Cloud Update: Lunar



  • Improved layouts on listings and views
  • Updated button styles
  • Breadcrumb navigation has been added
  • Single and Multi-Select Custom Fields are now available
  • Updated login page

Bug Fixes:

  • Auto-adding of inventory for a sale is now appearing in Item History
  • Boxes of Items break down properly on the register, when auto-receiving transfers, auto-checkin purchase orders
  • Dollar discounts of $1.00 or greater can be used on Price Rules
  • Reset Items to Defaults button on Matrix Setup now works for Price and MSRP fields
  • Updated email addresses and reply-to
  • Fixed Column header issues on Purchase Orders on small screens
  • Fixed date picker in Purchase Orders
  • Fixed UPC issue with QBP
  • Fixed a SmartEtailing issue
  • ‘Advanced’ dropdown menu works properly on Custom Fields
  • Fixed bug with archiving Custom Fields

August 27, 2014

Web Store 3.1.11


Bug Fixes

  • An issue with upgrading theme versions has been resolved
  • “Theme Update Available” message will no longer display in Web Stores which automatically upgrade themes
  • Image sync issues have been addressed between Cloud and Web Store
  • Release notes will now be displayed properly after an upgrade
  • An issue with re-uploaded Orders on Web Store involving Tax-Inclusive Pricing has been resolved
  • Tax inclusive Web Stores will now display non-tax prices correctly to customers outside of the taxable area
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where order notification emails would not correctly display the items and quantities
  • Email receipts will now correctly display the header image in all cases

August 21, 2014

Cloud Update: Kepler


New Features

  • Cursor Focus Enhancements – The cursor now focuses automatically in the right input boxes when navigating between listings and the register
  • Users can now disassemble an assembly and serialized assembly back into inventory
  • Special Orders now display status colors in listing
Bug Fixes
  • Label Printing Fixes
  • Custom Fields Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Fix to manual CC entry
  • Shopify Bug Fixes
  • QBP Bug Fixes including orders now show the $ value in the invoice drop-down

August 06, 2014

Web Store 3.1.10


Bug Fixes

  • LightSpeed Pro customers can once again upload Favicons
  • When using Moneris simple integration, taxes for shipping fees are now properly displayed on the Order Summary page
  • When using the “Add taxes to shipping fees” option, taxes will now be calculated properly
  • Various stability and performance fixes
  • Manually entering an outstanding payment amount that is larger than required will no longer create an issue with Orders appearing in LightSpeed Cloud
Please note that Web Store 3.1.10 requires LightSpeed Pro 3.7 or higher

July 30, 2014

Cloud Update: Jetstream



  • Special Orders and Layaways will now be auto-completed when an item is added to a customers sale
  • Purchase Order notes are now visible in the Purchase Order listing
  • Status Colors have returned to the Purchase Order listing
  • Changes to API request process

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing register buttons (Layaway All, Special Order All, Set Employee, and Delete All) in Sale screen will now always appear
  • Fixes to the Save button functionality when using a Date Custom Field
  • Credit Card transaction receipts do not print extra information
  • Alignment fixes in Sales screen
  • Clicking a button in Custom Menu in Register will not collapse the menu
  • Shopify Sync issues resolved, quotes are now being created properly
  • Customers using the Giant integration can use a blank suffix for the shop IDs in vendor setup
  • Multiple Custom Field bug fixes

July 18, 2014

Web Store 3.1.9



  • Customers must opt in to mailing list option: This option determines whether the “Allow Us To Send You Emails About Our Products” option, which appears during customer registration and check out, is enabled or disabled by default. When set to ON, the option is disabled by default and a customer must enable the option to opt in to the mailing list. This is particularly useful for Canadian merchants who need to comply with CASL requirements. This option is available in Admin Panel > Customer Registration.


Bug Fixes

  • Brooklyn Theme: Corrected an issue where the footer was not auto adjusting when store information was displayed on multiple lines
  • Portland Theme: Improved the usability of the search field and advanced search button
  • Portland Theme: The layout of the checkout form has been reviewed and improved
  • Amazon Integration: Corrected an issue where sub-categories would not load for some Amazon categories in Admin Panel > Integration > Match Amazon Categories to WS
  • Matrices: Child products in matrices will now automatically use the parent’s image for the cart thumbnail if no image has been uploaded for the child
  • Matrices: Corrected an issue where single attribute matrices would show a broken image and no description if the user removed the selection made for the attribute


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