Release Notes

July 29, 2015

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2


  • All-New “Multi-Store Replication” settings for each store location
  • Fixed an issue where enable/disable stores through multi-store setup as not respected
  • Fixed in issue where the multi-store token would not refresh if an account expired
  • Fixed an issue where Multi-Store returns would not always reflect Sales Event pricing
  • Fixed an issue where child products generated from a master matrix product at a child location that was replicated from a master store would not retain cost and supplier information
  • Fixed an issue where receiving a transfer in while having the product card open in the sending location could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Multi-Store returns now reflect the cost of goods sold from the originating location


  • Ability to check a gift card balance in POS Mode
  • Right-clicking on a product(s) in StoreMaster allows for “Print Label” option
  • POS Mode Button Mode now display 100 products at a time
  • Ability to perform fast scanning in POS Mode
  • Option in POS Mode for products to be searched on exact Product-ID
  • Ability to swipe a card at any time in the payment screen in POS Mode (swipe mode only)
  • Station Setup option to automatically send the current sale to the Genius Terminal for payment
  • ApplePay is now officially supported through the Cayan Genius Terminal

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a merged customer would display in POS mode when searching
  • Fixed an issue where adding a quantity to an existing line item in StoreMaster would not update the Owing amount
  • Fixed an issue where can Exit POS’ privilege set to ‘Not Allowed’ will cause LS to crash
  • Fixed an issue where count inventory breaks available inventory if there is inventory in warehouses and count warehouse is unchecked.
  • Sending decimal QTYs in a Multi-store transfer could result in inventory stuck in transit
  • Attempting to update products via import tools could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue with combine scanned quantities could cause Lightspeed to crash during fast scanning
  • Fixed an issue where using set product info/set selling prices would stop responding if the quantity filter equaled 0
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where current and non-current products would be displayed when search only current products was selected
  • Removing a discount on an editable sell item now recalculates the sell price
  • Fixed an MYOB export output error that used incorrect currency code data for suppliers
  • Fixed an issue where saving an SRO created from an Order could cause LightSpeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue where an error would display that an item must have exactly 1 default cost when invoicing an item through POS Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘default’ Family setting would not be respected
  • Fixed in issue in Count Inventory where Adjust Inventory did not combine multiple counts for the same product
  • In POS, Customer Discount always overrides Sale Event Discount when Customer is added before Products
  • Editing a document after taking a payment generates no longer generates a lockholder error
  • Using a store credit in POS Mode with the auto-complete option enabled could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Inventory Counts with serialized products are now adjusted correctly
  • Fixed an issue with large databases where a StoreMaster export may timeout
  • Fixed an issue with the Cayan Genius Terminal setup that would prevent load payment methods from launching
  • Fixed an issue where a “debit type” payment with an external terminal could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the number field on a check or manual payment wouldn’t save
  • API: Customer email address is now returned on invoices

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.3

  • Lightspeed Manager now displays dates in your region’s format based on your Locale setting (Settings > Locale Setting).
  • When setting a payment method, the available payment types (i.e. Merchant Genius, ATOS Xengo) are now filtered by region so that you only see what’s applicable to you.
  • You can now choose to show or hide Beta features in the Restaurant Manager interface by enabling or disabling the individual beta features in the Manager Settings (Settings > Beta Features).
  • Single-location users can now consolidate (merge) products in the Product Report (Reports > Product Reports) by Product ID or Product Name.
  • You can now set takeout and delivery prices for menus (Products > Product > select menu product > Edit Price > Advanced).
  • Lightspeed Restaurant now includes default User Groups with preset user roles for new accounts.
  • You can now view all open tabs for a customer in the customer details window (Users > Customers > select a customer).

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.2

  • New ingredient-management feature lets you to create ingredients and assign them to various products for the purposes of tracking ingredient quantities and cost.
  • For tax-exclusive restaurants, revenue data on Day Reports now displays restaurant, bar, takeaway, and delivery revenues separately.
  • New multi-location product management feature. For users with multi-location accounts (more than one restaurant linked to the same account), you can now modify or create products, discounts, and service charges for all locations at once, or for a select group of locations only.
  • New “Show Product Sales by Waiter in Waiter reports” Report Setting allows you to display a breakdown of sales by product on user reports. This is especially useful for users that are paid on commission.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.1.4

  • Improved performance for accounts with a large number of customers.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.1

  • A new Timed Events (Happy Hour) feature lets you set predefined time-based fixed or percentage discounts for specified products/categories, or create a Timed Event that displays products/categories in Lightspeed Restaurant POS only during specified times, such as for Breakfast products.
  • User Roles:
    • You can now create User Groups with predefined user privileges (i.e. Admin, Waiter, Bartender, Cashier), and then assign the User Groups to new or existing users instead of enabling/disabling privileges manually for each user.
    • A new “Allow adding tips” user role sets whether or not a user can add tips when processing a payment.
  • You can now assign a default printer to a floor for all receipts that are printed from that floor.
  • A new “Use TLS” (Transport Layer Security) Email Setting lets you send encrypted (secure) emails from Lightspeed Restaurant POS and Lightspeed Restaurant Manager.
  • Reporting:
    • For tax-exclusive Restaurants, revenue information on Day Reports now displays restaurant, bar, takeaway, and delivery revenues separately.
    • Users with multi-restaurant accounts can now consolidate product information on Product Reports by Product ID or Name.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.1.3

  • Corrected an issue with an incorrect error message displaying when a print times out.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a “% Ticket” discount was calculated incorrectly when an order contained a menu (combo) product.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect product IDs on the Order screen.
  • Corrected an issue that resulted in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app crashing when using a proxy server.
  • Fixed HTML templates.
  • Fixed an issue with products with a quantity greater than 1 not combining on a ticket when printed to the kitchen.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.0

  • A discount can now be set so that it applies to products within specific categories only.
  • You can now set a minimum and maximum number of selections for multi-select modifiers.
  • You can modify the price of a menu, or products within a menu, without affecting the original product price. This enables you to create a menu with custom prices without having to create duplicate hidden products.
  • A new “Stock Management” setting lets you enable or disable stock tracking for a given product.
  • Reporting:
    • A new “Locale” setting ensures that dates and times on reports are displayed in your country’s format.
    • A new “Report Discounts Separately” reporting option allows you to view discount totals separately on day reports.
    • Improved CSV exports for day reports now displays only one value per column.
    • (USA only) New IRS W-2 and IRS 8027 reports.
  • User Roles:
    • A new “Allow Adding Discount Without Customer” user role determines whether a customer must be added to a receipt in order for the user to apply a discount.
    • A new “Allow Void Without Customer” user role determines if a customer must be added to a receipt in order for the user to void the receipt.
  • A new “Warn for Non Printed Items when Returning to the Floor” print setting sets whether a user is prompted to print all unprinted products on a receipt before returning to the Floor screen.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a password reset was not taking effect on certain servers.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.1

  • A new Order-screen Shortcut Panel feature that users can enable or disable in the iOS settings (Developer Settings). The Shortcut Panel lets you quickly execute common tasks when on the Order screen, such as change product quantity and price, select product modifier, and display product information.
  • Takeout and Delivery:
    • The Takeout and Delivery screen now provides a “map” link that you can use to quickly view a delivery address on an iPad using Google Maps or Apple’s built-in Maps app.
    • A customer of type “Anonymous” is now selected by default when creating a takeout or delivery order.
  • A new “Modifiers Row Height” option in the iOS settings (Layout Settings) lets users increase and decrease the size of the tappable area when selecting modifiers.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 3.05


  • A Product can now be duplicated in, or moved to, an existing category.
  • You can now sort products manually, by Product ID, or Product Name.
  • You can now manually sort the order of Modifiers in a Modifier Group. This affects the order in which modifiers appear in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app.
  • Removed Takeaway and Delivery price options for Service Charge products.


  • Columns in all report tables can now be sorted.
  • The “Cash Register Reports” section now includes cash drawer X/Z reports, and a list of all cash-ins/outs.


  • When copying a table in the Floor Planner screen, “copy” is automatically added to the new table name, and the new table is now easily visible.


  • Added a description for each User Role and improved the layout of the User Role selection window.


  • In the Company Details section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings, users can now select their “Country” from a drop-down list instead of entering the information manually.
  • Users can now specify the amount of time, in weeks, that receipts are stored in Lite Server.
  • New “Tip Pool Rate” option in the Reports section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings.
  • New “Locale” option in the Company Details section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings ensures that users get the printed reports in the correct date/time format.
  • New “Show sales and tax info” option (for tax-exclusive regions only) in the Report section of the Lightspeed Manager Settings allows for added sales and tax information on reports.


  • To avoid unintentional deletion of items, a confirmation message now appears when deleting any item, such as a product or user.
  • Subscriptions payments from Lightspeed Manager can now be made by credit card only. Wire transfers and PayPal are no longer supported.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.0

  • Now fully supports iOS 8.
  • (Europe only) Improved Adyen support and increased stability for the Adyen Miura card reader.
  • When processing a sale using a credit card payment type and you enter a payment amount that’s greater than the receipt total, you’re now asked whether to set the overcharged amount as a tip.
  • User Role modifications made in the Lightspeed Restaurant Manager are now instantly updated in the Lightspeed Restaurant POS app.
  • A modified “Auto save receipt items” iOS option (Functionality settings) now lets you set whether to automatically save a receipt when exiting the Order screen with unprinted items.
  • A new “Allow Reseller Access” option in the Menu screen allows you to grant a reseller temporary (30 minutes) access to your account, via a generated PIN, for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Products of type “Spacing” and “New Line” no longer appear when scrolling through products in the Detail view.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.20

  • Fixed an application stability issue when selecting an open-quantity or open-price product.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.19

  • Adding a discount to a product with a quantity greater than one now applies the discount to just one item instead of the total quantity. This affects discounts defined as “Reduction Product” or “Reduction Product %”.
  • Removed quantities of a single item are now merged on receipts and appear as one entry instead of multiple entries. For example, deleting two orders of “Seafood” will show as “-2 Seafood” on the receipt, instead of two separate “-1 Seafood” entries.
  • For products defined as “Open Price”, you can now enter a decimal price value when adding the product to an order.

July 26, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 2.17

  • When using BridgePay payment processing, you can now process manual credit card payments on an iPod/iPhone.
  • Voiding a manual credit card payment now automatically prints a void ticket.
  • You can now edit a payment and add a tip when using Merchant Warehouse’s Genius terminal in “pre-auth” mode.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Lightspeed Restaurant POS would crash when splitting a bill for an order with a large amount of items.
  • Added support for the MagTek iDynamo card reader with Merchant Warehouse.
  • Once a manual credit card payment is processed in “sale” mode, the option to change the payment amount is no longer available due to stability issues. The payment can still be voided however.
  • (USA only) The edit options when long pressing an item on the Order screen is now enabled by default.
  • (USA only) When processing a swipe credit card payment, an alert message now appears if the receipt printer template is not the required HTML template.
  • (USA only) Tax Exemptions:
    • Tax exemptions can now be applied to individual items on an order.
    • Tax exemptions are now maintained when saving an order without printing any items.
    • Tax exemptions are now displayed on the payment screen.
    • Tax exemptions can now be reset from the Order screen and Payment screen.


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