Release Notes

August 18, 2015

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.3.1

  • Fixes an issue with the line item price for gift card purchases and recharges.

August 12, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.5

  • (USA only) Payment Processing:
    • If your payment processor is set to “Preauth capture”, you can now choose to automatically batch-close your open credit card payments at a specified time every day. To do so, select “Autoclose + Autocapture” in your Lightspeed Restaurant payment processor settings (Payments > Set Up Payment > select payment processor > Autoclose or Autocapture batch).
    • The Payment Processing screen (Payments > Payment Processing) now includes a drop-down selection that lets you choose whether to view either the current open batch or a previously closed batch by selecting a date.
  • The consolidated product list in the Product Report screen (Reports > Product Reports) now includes a column that displays the establishment name.
  • A new email notification feature (Settings > Notification Settings) lets you specify the email addresses to which the day report is automatically sent.
  • You can now duplicate an existing “Discount” or “Service Charge” product.
  • You can now generate, print, and email an invoice for all unpaid receipts that are currently on a customer’s tab directly from Restaurant Manager (Users > Customers > select customer > Customer Invoices). Not available in USA.
  • The “Promotion” and “Thank You” fields in the Printer Template settings (Printers > Printer Template > select template) are now limited to 1000 and 500 characters respectively.

August 10, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant POS 3.5

  • When adding a Discount of type “Reduction Current” or “Reduction Product” to an order, you can now modify the discount’s value using the Price button on the Shortcut Panel.
  • The new “Split bill by seat” iOS option (Settings > Restaurant > Beta Settings) lets you split a bill by seat number.
  • The new “Separate order by seat assignment” iOS option (Settings > Restaurant > Beta Settings) separates the ordered items on the Order screen by seat number.
  • (USA only) The credit card swiper screen now closes automatically after a  successful payment.
  • The new “Sorting order tabs in overview panel” iOS option (Settings > Restaurant > Layout Settings > Floor Settings) lets you choose whether to sort the tabs in the overview panel by the customer’s first or last name.
  • When using a split bill, if you move all items from a child receipt that contains a Discount of type “Ticket”, you’re now asked whether to delete the empty receipt.
  • Reduced the number of required information to enter when performing a manual credit card payment using Cayan.

July 29, 2015

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.2


  • All-New “Multi-Store Replication” settings for each store location
  • Fixed an issue where enable/disable stores through multi-store setup as not respected
  • Fixed in issue where the multi-store token would not refresh if an account expired
  • Fixed an issue where Multi-Store returns would not always reflect Sales Event pricing
  • Fixed an issue where child products generated from a master matrix product at a child location that was replicated from a master store would not retain cost and supplier information
  • Fixed an issue where receiving a transfer in while having the product card open in the sending location could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Multi-Store returns now reflect the cost of goods sold from the originating location


  • Ability to check a gift card balance in POS Mode
  • Right-clicking on a product(s) in StoreMaster allows for “Print Label” option
  • POS Mode Button Mode now display 100 products at a time
  • Ability to perform fast scanning in POS Mode
  • Option in POS Mode for products to be searched on exact Product-ID
  • Ability to swipe a card at any time in the payment screen in POS Mode (swipe mode only)
  • Station Setup option to automatically send the current sale to the Genius Terminal for payment
  • ApplePay is now officially supported through the Cayan Genius Terminal

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a merged customer would display in POS mode when searching
  • Fixed an issue where adding a quantity to an existing line item in StoreMaster would not update the Owing amount
  • Fixed an issue where can Exit POS’ privilege set to ‘Not Allowed’ will cause LS to crash
  • Fixed an issue where count inventory breaks available inventory if there is inventory in warehouses and count warehouse is unchecked.
  • Sending decimal QTYs in a Multi-store transfer could result in inventory stuck in transit
  • Attempting to update products via import tools could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue with combine scanned quantities could cause Lightspeed to crash during fast scanning
  • Fixed an issue where using set product info/set selling prices would stop responding if the quantity filter equaled 0
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where current and non-current products would be displayed when search only current products was selected
  • Removing a discount on an editable sell item now recalculates the sell price
  • Fixed an MYOB export output error that used incorrect currency code data for suppliers
  • Fixed an issue where saving an SRO created from an Order could cause LightSpeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue where an error would display that an item must have exactly 1 default cost when invoicing an item through POS Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘default’ Family setting would not be respected
  • Fixed in issue in Count Inventory where Adjust Inventory did not combine multiple counts for the same product
  • In POS, Customer Discount always overrides Sale Event Discount when Customer is added before Products
  • Editing a document after taking a payment generates no longer generates a lockholder error
  • Using a store credit in POS Mode with the auto-complete option enabled could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Inventory Counts with serialized products are now adjusted correctly
  • Fixed an issue with large databases where a StoreMaster export may timeout
  • Fixed an issue with the Cayan Genius Terminal setup that would prevent load payment methods from launching
  • Fixed an issue where a “debit type” payment with an external terminal could cause Lightspeed to crash
  • Fixed an issue where the number field on a check or manual payment wouldn’t save
  • API: Customer email address is now returned on invoices

July 10, 2015

Lightspeed Retail Update: Armstrong 1


Beautiful new full page Purchase Order print template!


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that triggered a warning when changing quantity on a layaway item in a sale to anything above half the available inventory level.

Fixed an issue where the API was not applying a tax class to line items.

Fixed an issue where duplicating an item or matrix returned the user to the wrong screen.

Fixed an issue that caused some accounts to get stuck when loading quick edit items.




July 06, 2015

Lightspeed Retail POS app 2.2

  • You can now print a gift receipt from the Sales History screen.
  • A confirmation message now appears when exiting a Lightspeed Retail Manager screen with unsaved changes.
  • The “Refund” user permission is now required in order to process a refund.
  • General bug fixes and user interface improvements.

July 02, 2015

Lightspeed Restaurant Manager 4.4

  • Reports now display taxes as either “VAT”, “TVA”, or “Tax” depending on the Locale setting.
  • (US only) The Payment Processing list (Payments > Payment Processing) now displays a warning if the same credit card is used for more than one payment on a receipt. This allows you to quickly view and edit the payment before capturing and closing the batch.
  • Timed Events:
    • The Timed Event settings window (Products > Timed Events > select Timed Event) now shows the linked Categories and Products.
    • To ensure the proper layout of products, you can now assign a Timed Event of type “Visibility” to “Line” and “Spacer” products.
  • A new Shift Report (Reports > Shift Reports) lets you generate an up-to-the-minute shift report that includes data for all users.
  • For printer templates of type “Bar” and “Kitchen”, you can now view the linked categories and link/unlink categories directly from the printer template screen (Printers > Printer Template > select a template).
  • The Admin user can now force clock out other users from the Labour Reports screen (Reports > Labour Reports).
  • When duplicating or moving an existing product, you’re now asked whether to use the product tax or category tax for the product’s tax rate.
  • When assigning a printer to a printer template, the font family and size is now automatically adjusted based on the printer model.
  • The Receipts Report list (Reports > Receipts) now includes a sortable “Customer” column.
  • The global Stock Setting options (Settings > Stock Settings) now feature a “Reset stock management” button that lets you reset all product stock levels to zero, and enable the stock management feature.

June 25, 2015

Web Store 3.2.9

  • Added support for Google’s Universal Analytics (Admin Panel > Integrations > Google Settings).
  • Single attribute matrix products now display just one drop-down selection.
  • If a custom page is set as your Web Store’s home page, you can now use the “Product Display” option (Admin Panel > Custom Pages > select custom page > Product Display) to set whether to display products on custom pages in a grid or slider format.
  • (OnSite only) Fixed an issue with the Quote-to-Cart functionality in Brooklyn 2014.
  • (Retail only) The size restriction (512px x 512px) on zoomed product images (hovering over a product image) has been removed. The zoom function now uses the original size of the uploaded image.
  • (Retail only) Fixed an issue that prevented products from a Category that contained a slash in their category name from appearing on a Web Store.
    Note:  If you have products that are already selected for display on your Web Store that are in Categories with a slash in their name, you must re-save each product in Lightspeed Retail for the fix to take effect.

Developer Note (Lightspeed OnSite only)

If your Web Store uses a customized theme and you wish to use Web Store’s new Google Universal Analytics, you may be required to modify the theme as detailed in’s-Universal-Analytics-with-Web-Store.

June 23, 2015

Lightspeed Retail Update: Zodiac 2

Coming soon

New In-App Help. Access help documentation, release notes, keyboard shortcuts, from the Help menu in app. Look for In-App chat with Support coming soon!

New features

  • Purchase orders will now show when extra quantity is received for each item
  • Improved layout of money and number columns in listings

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Alert banner would not show up when archiving a price scheme.
  • Fixed an issue where the Timeclock would auto clock in the employee if they clicked too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where the status of a special order was not being updated in the interface.
  • Fixed an issue where if you have multiple quotes, then complete all the quotes in a row, the oldest quote did not change its status to Completed.
  • Fixed an issue where Layaway, Special Order, Work Order Reports displayed an “Unable to contact server” error when trying to filter by category.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the label print size did not apply that size immediately.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to apply a price rule to more than 2000 items.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking edit on a Miscellaneous charge in a work order sometimes changed the quantity to 1.
  • Fixed an issue when sending Purchase Orders to Specialized.
  • Fixed an issue where emailing a receipt sometimes prevented access to the event log.
  • Fixed an issue where Select Item sometimes appeared in the Product Listing when the action was not relevant.
  • Fixed an issue when printing long receipts for Special Orders.
  • Fixed an issue where moving an item to a Layaway or Special Order sometimes re-enabled a disabled Sales Tax.
  • Fixed an issue where refunding a Work Order, then voiding the refund, sometimes caused an error.
  • Fixed an issue where archiving an item did not redirect back to the item listing page.
  • Fixed an issue calculating PST/GST on End of Day report.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect sales tax to be applied when switching between shops with different sales taxes.
  • Fixed an issue where merging items did not function correctly.



June 16, 2015

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where printing an Invoice in which a Multi-Store Gift Card was redeemed or activated caused Lightspeed to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where supplier currency was not respected when adding costs to a product.

June 16, 2015

Lightspeed Retail Update: Zodiac 1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where customers were unable to import .jpg images in certain browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a customer to a sale was not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to dismiss Net Promoter after completing a survey.
  • Fixed an issue where the registration pages were being displayed to users who were already registered.
  • Fixed an issue where items being refunded were not displayed onscreen until the page was manually refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where customers who created a custom field with a date/time field had an error message displayed when they tried to save an item or customer with the custom field.
  • Fixed an issue where date custom fields could not be saved if they included time.
  • Fixed an issue where users who received many of the same item were seeing only one label for them when they went to Inventory > Print Labels.
  • Fixed an issue where a Couldn’t save error message was displayed when saving a new item.
  • Fixed an issue where an alert was not displayed if a user chose a Web Store domain that was already in use.

May 28, 2015

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to update products with the Import tools caused Lightspeed OnSite to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the Search Current Products Only setting did not work correctly in POS mode.
  • Fixed an issue where identical customer terms were not recognized in pre-flight, causing replication to fail for Multi-Store.
  • Fixed an issue where merged customers were displayed in POS mode during searches.

May 19, 2015

Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1


Lightspeed OnSite 2015 2.1 has major improvements in performance speed.

  • Count Inventory comparisons and adjustments are faster.
  • Intelligence reports are faster.
  • Apple GDV Inventory Report is 2x faster.
  • Searching for Products, Customers and Invoices in POS Mode is faster.



  • Opening the cash drawer is controlled by the user privilege and payment method.
  • Merchant Warehouse is replaced by Cayan.
  • New setting for automatic completion of sale in POS Mode.
  • Cash Denomination buttons are now available for cash payments in POS Mode.
  • New option in Users to allow passwords to never expire.
  • New button in POS Mode to reprint a Gift Card receipt for an Invoice.
  • Gift Card balances are printed on receipts.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where when the Can Exit POS Screen privilege was set to authentication the user was logged out.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the Sell Negative Inventory on Invoices privilege allowed selling negative inventory.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the Sell Negative Quantity on Invoices privilege allowed selling items that were at a negative quantity.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the Sell Below Minimum margin on Invoices privilege allowed selling below the minimum margin.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where attempting to log out when the Can Exit POS Screen privilege is set to authentication or to not allowed caused Lightspeed OnSite to crash.
  • Fixed an issue in POS mode where the End of Day report was not accessible if the user privilege was set to authentication.
  • Fixed an issue where mapping payment methods for the Cayan Genius terminal caused Lightspeed Onsite to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where on the Product card selecting Update Costs of Products on this PO cleared the Default Supplier.
  • Fixed an issue where users who do not have Setup MultiStore enabled cannot do inventory lookups or Transfers In.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Customer on an Invoice that was paid by Gift Card clears the Gift Card payment.
  • Fixed an issue in POS Mode where the account window opened behind the customer card.
  • Custom fields now print accurately for Supplier Invoices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Export Tools to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing Customer history from POS mode caused Lightspeed OnSite to crash.
  • Product Codes now print on labels by default.
  • Printing a barcode based on a Product Code is supported.
  • Updating a master product description now updates the child products.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a GSX warranty lookup caused Lightspeed Onsite to crash.
  • Barcodes of the Multi-Store Label are blank custom labels designed using the C39 barcode.
  • Fixed an API issue where updating an invoice with an activated gift card on it caused the value of the gift card to double.
  • Columns now sort properly in gift card table.
  • Columns now sort properly in inventory count window.
  • StoreMaster now updates the Invoice Modified Date for non-cash payments.
  • Using a Pre-Existing preset now displays the product fields in Import Tools.
  • Fixed an issue where a phone number was occasionally shown in the email field of an invoice card.


Mac OS X Yosemite

  • Fixed an issue where posted or exported Supplier Invoices were displayed with a lock icon.
  • Fixed an issue where text was cut off in Station Setup & Pricing Level Setup.

Advanced Reporting 2.0

  • Supports the completely redesigned Advanced Reporting 2.0 add-on module, a powerful cloud-based tool for deep retail analysis across any number of store locations.

Updated API Documentation


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