The Complete Mac POS System for Retailers

Your Retail Mac POS Solution

Lightspeed OnSite for Mac POS is a complete point of sale solution for retailers who want both an industry-leading point of sale and powerful back-office tools for management and analysis. Simplify your workflows and focus on what’s really important: giving your customers the best experience possible.

Lightspeed for Mac


Manage customers, suppliers, products, and everything in between – all within a powerful and intuitive interface.


Harnesses the power of Lightspeed OnSite’s built-in analytics tools and distills your store’s data into customizable widgets.

Management Made Easy

Inventory, reporting, accounting, ordering, invoicing … you name it, Lightspeed OnSite does it. We’ve combined all of the functionality required to manage a great retail store into a single application, meaning you can spend less time sifting through data and more time building your business.



An easy-to-browse visual interface. Hover photos of customers, suppliers or products to reveal detailed info.

Smart Find

Smart Find

Create and save custom searches for anything in your database with powerful filtering options.



Stay coordinated with dynamic lists of actionable items like unpaid balances, callbacks, and even birthdays.

Parked Items

Parked Items

A dedicated space for frequently accessed items, like popular products and your most important customers.


Power Your Workflows

  • Create your own workflows to improve efficiency, and the performance of each person in your organization.
  • Automate processes for service technicians to book in customer equipment, record labor, and order parts for repair jobs.
  • Provide store managers with a view into the day's sales as they happen along with the ability to zero in on issues that need extra attention.
  • Let clerks swap out tills for greater control of their cash-outs.

Mac Point of Sale

Transform your front counter with a powerful and intuitive Mac POS that accelerates sales by giving your salespeople the tools they need to sell more and satisfy customers. All within a beautiful, polished interface that organizes information and streamlines workflows.

Lightspeed Point of Sale


Lightspeed OnSite makes it easy to configure your POS screen and user privileges to fit your store, your staff, and your selling strategy.


Set Permissions

Manage permissions for both sales stations and users so that your team only has access to what they need.

Accept Payments

Accept Payments

Lightspeed OnSite supports all types of payments: cash, credit, check, debit, loan, lease, store credit, and even gift cards.


Flexible Processing

Choose the services you want; Lightspeed OnSite doesn't require proprietary hardware or payment processors. Switch anytime.

Button Mode
Button Mode

Button Mode

A visual, touchscreen-friendly interface that lets you quickly navigate products through your own custom categories.

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Quoting, Ordering, Invoicing

Lightspeed Progives your salespeople all the tools they need to serve your customers effectively at each step in the sales cycle.

  • Create quotes and invoices in seconds with intuitive drag and drop simplicity.
  • Click once to convert the quote into an order to request stock or a sale to complete the purchase.
  • Check profit by margin or revenue, and refresh any updated costs and prices of your quoted products with a single click.
Pricing and Quantity Discounts

Use accurate and informed pricing strategies to increase your margins.

  • Build repeat sales and customer loyalty through automated discounts based on quantity or customer category.
  • Track the precise value of existing stock. Update the supplier costs and prices of whole classes of products, based on supplier, category, brand, and more.
  • Create rules that automatically apply new pricing when pre-defined criteria are met.
  • Set up as many as 10 alternate prices for each product, to quickly adjust for specific customers or situations.
Jobs and Timesheets

Service-based businesses like spas or consultants can process time-billing, schedule appointments, and create and sell products to reflect the services they sell.


Sales documents can be printed with ease across several pages, with wrapping product descriptions, notes and full-color images of products. In addition, Lightspeed can also print a wide variety of other kinds of business and retail documents, including gift receipts, packing slips, box labels, mailing labels, product labels, claim checks and more.

Customize solutions to fit

Capture and track the precise information you need and create new tools to support your unique retail strategy. Lightspeed makes it easy for you to create your own custom fields and to use those fields in recurring searches to track your business in entirely new ways.


Gift Cards

Lightspeed Pro's Gift Card system is both versatile and easy-to-use.

  • Choose to use pre-printed gift certificates or gift cards with magnetic stripes or barcodes.
  • Lightspeed Pro can also generate and print barcode labels that can be affixed to gift certificates or gift cards.
  • Customers can bring back used gift cards to have them recharged with more credit.
Product Matrix

Clothing or apparel stores can create size-color combination products to simplify ordering, receiving, selling, and reporting.

  • Build purchase orders, invoices and other documents using the matrix, a wonderful convenience that may save you hours when ordering from your suppliers or making a large sale.
  • Product Matrix is also fully supported by Lightspeed Pro eCommerce once you are ready to take your clothing or apparel business online.


Demonstrate to your customers that you know and care about them by taking advantage of Lightspeed Pro's unique features to track, manage, and stay in touch with your customer base. The Lightspeed Pro customer profile captures and organizes customer data, giving you instant access to individual contact info, credit limits, tax preferences as well as an accurate history of each customer's calls, transactions and purchases.

Extend Your Reach

Lightspeed Pro makes it easy to categorize and market to customers based on a wide range of criteria.

  • Set up and send email blasts to promote special offers that will appeal to different customer groups.
  • Reward specific customer groups with automated discounts.
  • Get an accurate overview of outstanding customer balances and credits, along with the ability to drill down into a specific customer's history for details so you can proactively manage customer satisfaction and target overdue accounts immediately.

Take advantage of Lightspeed Pro integration with third-party solutions like iCal, Google Map and Skype to strengthen customer relationships.


LightspeedPro integrates sales, inventory, and purchasing processes to get you the right merchandise at the right time to cut costs and boost sales.

Simplify stock management.

Powerful inventory and purchasing tools at the heart of Lightspeed Pro reduce effort, inefficiency and waste.

  • Track inventory and serialized product with precision as it moves through your store.
  • Color-coding shows you what's available and what's coming at any given time.
  • Virtual Warehouses allow you to transfer stock from your sellable inventory to one of ten 'stockpiles', ie. Demo equipment, desktop units, repairs.
  • Re-order points prompt you when product levels run low.
  • Label Designer gives you full control of the layout of your product labels, including the ability to add graphics, product dimensions and other additional data.
Get help with inventory counts.

Use scanner-driven input for rapid stocktaking that is both simple and accurate.

  • Complete full or partial inventory counts of your products to set initial stock levels, or manage your regular counts.
  • Lightspeed Pro can also generate and print barcode labels that can be affixed to gift certificates or gift cards.
  • Compare counted totals with current levels to find discrepancies quickly and easily.
Truly inspired purchasing power.

Lightspeed's revolutionary "one-click" purchasing process allows you to compile stock orders and back-orders in record time and change suppliers on the fly.

  • Receive an entire purchase order, reserve product to all linked orders, and print labels for everything you receive, each with a single click.
  • Drag and drop new customer orders to link them with existing POs to keep stock flowing automatically.


Exports to QuickBooks & AccountEdge

Keep your accountant happy with Lightspeed Pro's seamless integration with QuickBooks for Mac.

  • A simple two-click process send invoices, payments, and supplier invoices directly to QuickBooks for Mac eliminating worries about missed or duplicate imports.
  • Click once in Lightspeed to prepare your export, then click once in QuickBooks to bring everything in.
  • The Lightspeed Pro export log keeps a detailed history of every export if ever you need to review a discrepancy.
* Lightspeed Pro also integrates with AccountEdge and most versions of QuickBooks for Windows.
See the Full Feature List for a list of supported accounting packages.
Accounts Receivable and Batch Printing

Keeping tabs on your customer accounts is done with the Accounts Receivable module

  • Track outstanding invoices as they age through 30-day intervals.
  • Print statements individually or use Batch Printing to print statements for all customers with outstanding balances.
  • Apply payments to particular invoices, set opening balances when you're bringing in customers from your previous system, and filter unused credits on sales documents.


Find out what you want to know, when you want to know it. Lightspeed Pro's powerful reporting module makes it easy to configure and run reports with blazing speed and is designed to help you focus on detailed information to identify strengths and correct weaknesses quickly and easily for strategic advantage.

  • Gives store owners the ability to build and customize reports, add/remove columns and custom fields, filter, summarize, group and total results, set sort order, save custom reports and share them with other users.
  • A visual snapshot of the most important elements of your store. Real-time stats on top-and-bottom sellers, comparative numbers across multiple locations, and a mobile app that lets you see what’s happening in your store – wherever you are. (Advanced Reporting is available as an optional, paid add-on.)
  • ReportMaster is a customizable reporting engine that allows retailers to access all the data they need on their stores, sales and inventory across all distribution channels in an intuitive, visual interface.
  • Use the End Of Day cash-out report for a daily summary of sales activities, including deposits, returns and breakdowns by category.
  • Tracks sales, payments, returns, and invoice counts for the day, the week, the month or even the year, with iStats sent directly to your iPhone.
  • All reports can be printed, previewed, or exported to Excel.


Lightspeed Pro integrates sales, inventory, and purchasing processes to get you the right merchandise at the right time to cut costs and boost sales.

Easy Setup and Import Tools
  • Easy-to-use Setup Assistant and Setup panels help you get your retail store off to the right start on Lightspeed Pro.
  • Lightspeed Pro offers powerful migration and import tools for Products, Customers, Customer Contacts and Suppliers in the Import Tools window.
User Privileges and Logging

Lightspeed Pro features an advanced yet easy-to-use Privilege system.

  • Easy-to-use Setup Assistant and Setup panels help you get your retail store off to the right start on Lightspeed Pro.
  • Lightspeed Pro offers powerful migration and import tools for Products, Customers, Customer Contacts and Suppliers in the Import Tools window.
PCI Compliance

Lightspeed Pro has passed rigorous tests to achieve PCI Compliance, an industry standard which ensures that your transaction data is being kept safe and secure. Learn more at the PCI Information page.

  • Import presets can be saved so that import files can be processed on a regular basis quickly and easily.
  • Image Import makes it easy for you to add images to each of your products, customers and suppliers, making it even easier to browse your database visually.


Lightspeed Pro Server was built from the ground up to deliver the reliability, security, performance and functionality you need today and tomorrow.

  • With its powerful, solid multi-user Postgres SQL database, Lightspeed Server can scale to support many simultaneous users
  • Breakthrough technology minimizes the client footprint so that the server does the heavy lifting, and you can count on fast performance on the front lines of your retail operation.
  • Log in remotely to connect with your database when you're at home or on the road.
Multiple features for international retailers

Lightspeed Pro comes with multiple features that simplify doing business internationally.

  • Lightspeed Pro makes is easy to switch to tax-inclusive pricing for overseas customers.
  • Supports multiple currencies for flexible purchasing from suppliers that use a foreign currency.
  • Built-in support for documents to be printed in English, French, and Spanish, as well as the ability to add additional languages.

POS Hardware Support

Lightspeed OnSite supports plug-and-play hardware such as barcode scanners, card swipes, pole displays, receipt printers, label printers, and cash drawers. Visit our Point of Sale Hardware page for more details.

Lightspeed for Mac - Point of Sale

Payment Processing Partners

Lightspeed OnSite offers retailers a choice of industry-leading credit card processing partners so that you have the power to select the best terms and rates for your business, as well as backup service providers to help keep your backups safely stored

offsite in case of an emergency. All of our credit card processing partners offer debit and credit processing services that are integrated with Lightspeed OnSite.

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